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12 Features You Must Know About The IOS 12

Apple introduces the newest version. Its fully changed by the user side and also from development programming side. We all are aware of the fundamental features of iOS but need to know everything as it’s changed. Though Apple focused on under-the-giant improvements for iOS 12, there is a long list of new features in the update that makes this an impressive new version of iOS.
As every developer are waiting for the new changes so it’s time to discuss all these new things about iOS 12. Get ready…….

1. Siri shortcut
Siri Shortcuts is a Popular new feature in iOS 12 that allow your application to expose its functionality to Siri. Siri helps to suggest your shortcut at relevant times based on various context. Siri also added Shortcuts to run with voice phrase on iOS devices. Welcome to the world of Technology - “Time Well Spent" - a methodology that aims to reduce the number of peoples time.
Siri suggests a user about Shortcuts and frequently used apps and shows up both on your Lock Screen. Siri suggests user to messaging people whom you talk frequently at a certain time, or offer up a third-party app that you use regularly.
For example: If you wake up and order tea every morning, Siri might suggest your favorite tea app on the Lock screen. Siri might suggest which application you use frequently
If you're running late to an interview you've scheduled, Siri presents an option to send a text message to the person you're meeting with. If in your family member birthday Is coming then Siri suggest sending a text to them.
3. ARKit 2
The first thing comes in mind that with ARKit 2 you can create multiple games in AR. This is a giant step toward all kinds of gaming scenarios.
The greatest function in ARKit 2 is object detection. As an example, if you are at an airport and want to know the plane timings and more details, just point your phone at that plane and your phone will bring all the details. It's as simple as that. Even its detect different types of flower, trees, and other objects. The faster ios device, faster it will scan an object. Just imagine… Where technologies going to take us in nearby future.

4. Health Records
One phrase in English that, “Health is wealth”,
If you have a health app on your phone, then it will solve your many problems in minutes. Users can now share clinical history with your app by allowing developers to get “read-only access” The data stored in FHIR is updated regularly. Apple says that you need a solid privacy policy to incorporate real medical history from someone into your phone.

5. Effects
IOS provides the sticker packs that appear in messaging when using I Message. Basically, if you have a sticker pack already included in your app, then it will not appear to users in the "effects" section of I Message. The cool thing about this one is users can now apply your stickers in real time so it opens the gate of your face with little animations of any kind.

6. Interactive Controls in Notifications
A big change in notification, grouping notifications for users now means they only see "one single" message from your app in newest first. Grouped Notifications have been added to make it easier to view and manage all notifications from an app at once, Now you can make notifications interactive which allows the user to touch the message, then instead of it going into your app for details, it shows details to the user inside the message itself.

7. Authentication Services
The user can share now authentication logins between Safari and apps. So if you have a website which locked behind a login, and a mobile app that accesses the same data – users can now access your app to grab any stored login that you've used previously on the web to log into your app.

8. Network Framework

One new function is a new network framework that looks to replace sockets and provides developers direct access to protocols like TCP, TLS, and UDP. The new framework offers more benefits over the current native socket handling. It also focuses on connection durability across different network environments and switching between wifi to cellular.

9. Natural Language
Perfectly this made for many user-friendly ways. The natural language processing supports languages recognition, tokenization, and tagging. And it's also split the text into component, word, sentence, and paragraph.
It can tag identification parts of speech, people, places and organization.
This Natural Language framework using custom Core ML models to diversify tag text in specialized contexts.
The NSLinguisticTagger class is still available. However, the Natural Language framework is the preferred mechanism to use for Natural Language Processing.

10. Deprecations
Ios 12 brings the classic calls you might be used to.
There are many games, and platforms that use OpenGL so this one is a bit of a shocker. But knowing Metal is land-locked to Apple and Xcode, it's par for the course when developing on iPhone. Metal has some benefits, but my guess is Open GL will still be supported over the next few years. There are heavy arguments on both sides of this fence from developers.
11. CarPlay for Navigation Apps
If you need an app which tracks the location with GPS or other forms of navigation then iOS 12 now lets developers show the certain parts of that app in CarPlay. It is enabled automobile audio systems. This is enabled only with navigation based apps.

The function of Do Not Disturb in iOS 12 has been improved in several ways. First, a new Bedtime mode that's specially designed to hide all of your incoming notifications at nighttime. Bedtime mode is designed to allow you to glance at your phone in the middle of the night without being distracted by notifications. In the morning, Bedtime mode can be toggled off with a tap, and it is allowing all those muted notifications to roll in.

Although apple improves a lot in technologies and lot more coming on the way…..
The upcoming technology will bring and create a wonderful and smart world that fully equipped with the technology. Hope that next version brings the greatest revolution in technology. And it’s ready to feel a thrill to iPhone user.


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