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Everything You Should Know About Bedbugs!

Bed bugs are nothing less than a nuisance. They can affect your health in different ways ranging from disturbing your sleep to severe allergic reactions. Contrary to popular the belief, bed bug infestation always does not results only when your home is dirty, or you don't clean your bed spreads and sheets often. These small parasites can easily travel and are transferred from one location to another by simply clinging to fabrics like suitcases and clothes. The only way to get rid of them completely is by reaching out to professional pest control Blacktown.

Here are some FAQs about the bedbug infestation which will help you not only to get rid of them but also to prevent them from affecting your family.

Where are Bed Bugs found?

Like their name, the bedbugs are usually found in places where people rest and sleep such as apartments, homes and hotel rooms, as well as in trains and buses. These bugs hide during the daytime in cracks or small openings present in bed frames behind wallpapers or even dresser drawers.

Do Bed Bugs Pose any health risk?

These annoying insects can distract your sleep however they are not known to carry diseases. Lack of sleep can lead to many diseases. Yet, each person is different and reacts differently to bug bites. Some individuals claim to experience only small bite marks, while others suffer severe allergic reactions. It is extremely important to call out Blacktown pest control to eradicate them completely whenever you witness one.

How to identify Bed Bug Infestation in your house?

The common sign of bed bug infestation is the bite marks left on a person's body parts when they wake up from the bed. However, it takes quite some time for them to develop, so it is a better idea to look for other signs of infestation.

The bugs fold themselves in bed sheets, create some musty odour, the blood spots found in their faecal matter on your mattress can also be a sign of their infestation.

How to treat and Prevent Bed Bug Infestation?

The common treatment for bed bugs include insecticide spray, but remember prevention is always the best!

To prevent these insects from invading into your house:

- Keep things like your bed sheets and pillow covers as clean as possible.
- Check for signs of an infestation.

Call out professional Blacktown pest control for inspection especially if you keep travelling in public transport frequently.

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