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How to Make Pictures Out of Words: Emotions in Motion

Learn how to easily make pictures out of words for charming gifts and more.

Gift giving can be difficult especially for the person who has everything, the person who likes nothing and for the person that you really do not know all that well. With the trend toward smaller houses and “lighter” lifestyles, most people just do not want more things to weigh them down. But, if you are willing to spend a little bit of time and learn how to make pictures out of words you can give your recipient a one of a kind gift that will not only stand out but will bring them joy every single day. This will not be a gift that ends up in a drawer or stashed in an attic to be resifted to someone else as a last minute item. This will be a cherished gift.

The process is so simple. You can learn how to make pictures out of words in just seconds and you will probably enjoy it so much that you will want to do this for every gift giving occasion that comes up. You might even stop surprising people with your gift choices so if you do give them something else they will be kind of disappointed that you didn’t think to make them one of these exciting and unique items.

The first step in the process of learning how to make pictures out of words is to choose the appropriate picture. You might want to use a word that represents the tone of the event. For example you may give a graduating senior the gift of her senior photo made of words that are inspiring to her and to her future aspirations. Maybe the words can include the name of the college she is going to be off to in the fall. You may mention her possible long term goals like the profession she intends to join as well as other words like “success” “good luck” and more. If someone is moving away, you can use a picture that speaks to the good times in the old neighborhood and then use words that are relevant not only to the past but to the future as well.

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of learning how to make pictures out of words may be picking out the actual words. You want them all to convey the same message without using the same or similar words over and over. A variety of words will work best when creating your gift. Think about longer and shorter words for varied interest. You won’t have to worry about fitting them in or special placement, that part of the process is taken care of for you. All you do is provide the photo and the list of words and the gift will be made for you, quickly and easily.

Some people wonder if you can use names for the words and that is perfectly okay! Names and even birth dates can work well especially on a family photo where everyone is gathered and smiling together. This would be a lovely gift for an anniversary or a milestone occasion. You can use this same concept for a person who is retiring from a company. Use a lovely photo of everyone gathered and then add their names as the words so that the retiree will always have a way to look back and remember the coworkers that are being left behind.

After the selections have all been made you only have one more decision to make: do you want to print the file yourself or have it professionally mounted? Your choice of mounting styles include the traditional square mount, horizontal mount or vertical mount. If you are planning to do several photos for the same person, plot out a possible hanging montage before making your final selections. Remember though, your recipient may have a wholly different type of vision for their own home so don’t get hung up on how it will look in your head.

There is really no limit to the type of pictures that you can use. There is no limit to the types of occasions that this will not be a most welcomed and beloved gift no matter who receives it. It is like a special memory that gets to come to life and speak to them every time they look at it. They can stare and spot new words every time and each new word may spark a new memory. A picture of a bride and groom kissing on a sunset beach is lovely but with the words of their personal vows and other words that marked their journey from neighborhood enemies to reluctant friends to best friends to man and wife will make them laugh with every memory they stir to life.

Learning how to make pictures out of words is really the easiest part of this process. Parting with the finished creation might be the hardest especially when you see it in its final form. You may end up having to remake one for yourself just because it is so special. Everyone will demand to know how you ever came up with this idea and they will think that you surely spent hours and hours, slaving away on this amazing gift. It is up to you whether you let them in on the secret or not.

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