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8 Daily Habits and Male Fertility Tips, Pills to Get Her Pregnant Faster

High male fertility refers to a high number of normal shaped sperms. But when there are poor quality of sperms or if the sperm count is low, there is a chance that the male could be suffering from infertility. This could have an effect on reproduction. The following article speaks about 8 daily habits and male fertility tips which will help overcome this problem.

Male fertility is a common condition. Everyone in twenty men faces some kind of fertility problem. And to diagnose this problem, tests need to be done. Male infertility has the following symptoms:

• Pain, lump or swelling in testicle area

• Low sperm count

• Inability to smell

• Decreased body or facial hair

• Decreased ejaculation and difficulty in maintaining erections

• Lower desire for coition

• Frequent respiratory infections

• Abnormal growth of breasts

There are medical tests that can catch this condition. And, to treat it, there are natural remedies, 8 daily habits and male fertility tips that can help a female get her pregnant faster.

Reasons for poor sperm count

• Sperm production problems due to-

o Chromosomal or genetic

o Varicocele

o Radiation damage

o Medicines and chemicals

o Torsion

o Infections

o Undescended testes

• Blockage in the transport of sperms due to-

o Vasectomy

o Infections

o Absence of vas deferens

o Prostate related problems

• Sperm antibodies due to-

o Vasectomy

o Injury or infection in the epididymis

• Hormonal problems due to-

o Pituitary tumour

o Anabolic steroid abuse

o Congenital lack of LH/FSH

• Sexual Problems due to-

o Retrograde, premature or no ejaculation

o Spinal cord injury

o Medicines

o Erectile dysfunction

o Less frequent love making

o Prostate surgery

o Nerve damage

8 Daily Habits and Male Fertility Tips

• Sleep early

• Limit caffeine

• Exercise regularly

• Avoid junk food

• Stop procrastinating and seek medical help

• Limit alcohol intake

• Quit smoking

• Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases by using protection

Some more tips to increase male fertility and help get her pregnant faster:

• Take D-Aspartic acid supplements

• Take adequate Vitamins C and D

• Avoid stress

• Try TribulusTerrestris

• Take fenugreek supplements

• Take zinc supplements

• Eat maca root

• Use ashwagandha

• Lose excess weight

• Get sufficient folate

• Avoid soy

• Eat walnuts, broccoli, garlic, oysters, ginseng, asparagus, dark chocolate and bananas

Vital M-40 capsules are increase low sperm motility pills, which when combined with Spermac, form a strong supplement to overcome male fertility issues. These natural remedies help get her pregnant faster due to their strong herbal composition.

The benefits of using Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules are:

• Increase healthy sperm count

• Strengthen male reproductive organs

• Prevent damage of testosterone and increase its secretion

• Enhance nerve functions

• Cure problems like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and low libido

• Increase quantity of semen

• Increase male potency

• Treat mental disorders like stress and anxiety

• Treat all kinds of nutritional deficiencies

• Treat inflammations and weakness in the male organs

• Improve liver functions

• Provide nutrients and oxygen to tissues and muscles of the male organs

• Improve functions of the cardio, respiratory and urinary systems

• Cure anaemia, anorexia and problems of the digestive system

• Increase energy

• Improve functions of the male reproductive organs

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