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Top Ways To Remove Dust Mites From Your Home

The high concentration of dust causes a number of health problems including allergies and other related issues like asthma. 80% young people and children with asthma are way more sensitive to dust mites than we can ever think, according to scientific studies. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences reported that 45% homes in the US have beds with dust mites, concentration exceeding the set limit. Here we are sharing some tips on how you can keep your house clean and remove dust mites.

1. Utilize Sunlight

It is one of the oldest ways to kill dust mites. This method is still in practice and is very helpful when it comes to removing dust mites from your beds and mattresses. You can expose the beds to the direct sunlight for half hour and it will serve its purpose.

2. Use Humidity

You can also get rid of dust mites by reducing humidity. As per the expert suggestions, humidity below 40 to 50% is helpful to kill the dust mites. You can also use a dehumidifier in case the weather is humid.

3. Make Use of Hot Water

Hot water kill germs, bacteria and other sort of virus and it is the most common practice when it comes to cleaning anything. You can also clean your bed sheets, linens by washing in the hot or lukewarm water once in a month or twice a month. This will prevent any dust mites for few days and you can feel comfortable as well.

4. Use Steam

Steam cleaning of carpets is one of the best things to do if you are serious about getting rid of dust mites. They are killed at once and prevent further development. A study carried out in Scotland found out that people noticed 90% decrease in dust mites after they steam cleaned their carpets.

5. Deep Clean Your Home
The above mentioned tips were for a temporary time. If you have time and can do some effort, there is another best way and that is to spring clean or deep clean your house. Remove all such items that contain or attract dust mites and use other recommended items for pillows, bed sheets, mattress and others. Use some good anti-mites while deep cleaning the house.

6. Reduce Clutter

Clutter is one of the causes why dust mite develops in your living areas. Always keep your rooms clean and make sure they are cleaned on daily basis. Remove unnecessary items from the rooms and keep as little luggage as possible in order to let dust mites make a place and further develop.

7. Try Not to Sleep on Sofa

The places or items you use for sleeping are more prone to dust mites. Sofas are very difficult to protect from dust mite and if you are sleeping on them, it becomes easier for the mites to cover them. That way people should avoid sleeping on sofas and use only the designed places. This will help you prevent dust mite on sofas and they can last for quite a longer time.

8. Use Anti Dust Mite Mattress Encasing

Using a mattress casing helps you prevent dust mites from ever entering your mattress and sabotaging it with disturbing your sleep. It is also easy to clean as most of the time one swipe is enough to clean the surface. Do check them out.


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