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7 Tips to be a Savvy Traveller

Many people like to travel to different and exciting places. And many because of their love to travel also opt for a destination wedding. Travelling not only provides a change of environment but also refreshes your mind and makes you aware of many different cultures and traditions. But is it just about bags and luggage? The answer is a big no. Travelling requires a lot more. If you are planning for a destination wedding or just a trip to someplace such as Ahmedabad, you must search for some astounding hotels in Ahmedabad or respective place in advance.

Here are the 8 tips that would make you a shrewd traveller:

1. Don’t pack too much stuff: Packing too much stuff adds to the weight of your bags and this makes it difficult to carry. You must pack only necessary items. A number of cloths should be kept to a minimum. There is no problem in wearing the same shirt for 2 consecutive days.

2. Carry extra copies of your passport and documents: You must carry extra copies of important documents such as passport, hotel ticket, identity card, etc. Unforeseen situations do take place and you may lose any one of these documents. Therefore it is always advisable to carry extra copies of such documents.

3. Carry a small suitcase or bag: You must carry a small suitcase or bag along with you. Such bags and suitcases make it easier for you to carry them along. You won’t face any difficulty in carrying them. Book banquet hall in Ahmedabad or whatever the place you have selected in 3-4 months advance and preferably which also have rooms for guests, so that easily stay at one place without worrying about carrying stuff here and there.

4. Carry additional bank or credit card with yourself: Well, it is scary but it does happen that people lose their credit or bank card during their tour. It is always better to be prepared for such unfortunate situations rather than to believe on your good fate.

5. Carry a map along with you: Gadgets and the internet might not accompany you always and everywhere. It is always a wise choice to carry maps along with you to avoid any unwanted trouble. Also using physical maps enhances the thrill of your trip.

6. Carrying a towel: Many people don't carry a towel when they travel along to avoid extra weight and save some space. But doing away with the towel is not wise at all. You may need towel anywhere anytime, whether it's a beach or a picnic. And hygiene is important as well.

7. Carry extra socks with you: You must carry extra socks with you. You never know when you may need them. Unforeseen conditions such as rain can spoil your trip if you don't carry extra socks. Moreover wearing a fresh pair of socks feels refreshing and adds to the joy of travelling.

These tips will make you a practical traveller and you will be able to avoid most of the problems during your trip.

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