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How Artificial Intelligence Works in Human Resources

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that seems to be everywhere. It is seen as one of the handful of technologies, along with deep learning, data science, Internet of Things and Big Data, as the transformers of the future of mankind. Artificial intelligence has been around for quite a while now. However, the development of the other complementary technologies and the advent of cloud technologies, which optimize space and help address one of AI’s biggest handicaps, have given it a boost like no other milestone in the past.

Being a versatile technology, whose use can be put to almost any area from construction to retail and from agriculture to sports, what does AI hold for human resources? Is there something about AI that makes it different from the earlier technologies? What areas of HR will AI bring changes into, and more importantly, of what nature will these differences be: paradigmatic, an extension of the existing functions, or just nominal? Let us explore some of these possibilities.

Aiding in impartial decision-making
The foremost manner of the ways in which artificial intelligence will work in human resources is that it has the potential to bring in a completely unbiased approach to candidate selection. Whether we like to admit it or not, our thinking about candidates is shrouded in bias of one or another kind. By devising AI algorithm into the selection process, we can eliminate the complete range of these preferences and make the selection test or assessment queries completely free of the candidate’s background, race, color or ethnicity. This comes closest to being the most preference-agnostic method of candidate selection.

Increase in the speed of carrying out work
Another core area at which AI can be of immense use to HR is in hastening processes. Due to the enormous amount of data about the candidates being available on a wide range of sources such as jobsites and the social media, plus their credentials and other such elements, HR ends up spending a lot of time on these. AI makes sifting through the rubble of data with utmost ease and streamlining them for ready reference in virtually no time.

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