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Infographic: Security Features and Capabilities on Windows 10

Nowadays Windows 10 is one of the most secure and popular systems, particularly for small, medium and large Enterprise. When it comes to the security capabilities amongst all features, It is always ranked on the top. The system requires, or quite an IT person needs to be sure to locate it properly about security, but in some different phases. Exact from being in offline mode to boot to log in to run.

As we all know protection of our system is much more important then anything as, and for the best protection, we need to install antivirus on our system. Antivirus protects our system from various malware infection, viruses, online threats and cyber attacks. We highly suggest you install Norton antivirus security software, Norton is known for providing best services and serving high-quality antivirus around the world. To know more about the Norton, you can visit or dial the toll-free of Norton customer support to get instant support.

Below we discussed the details by the creator of Infographic Bill Bernat, Ami Casto, and Chaz Spahn who give a clear idea of what can be used, and how to set up in Windows 10 from a security perspective.

When System is in Offline Mode:
Before locating up a Windows 10 PC, the IT professionals can encrypt some fixed devices by using the BitLocker software. It is an encryption technology from the Microsoft which can encrypt a complete disk, including the boot disks. You also might require a TPM module to get this done in some of the cases.

The same can also be applied to any removable devices or USB devices which are already used to go. It is pretty clear that no any of the company wants their data or information to get out of their premises, and also have their IP get into the wrong person.

To Secure your PC Boot:
The one of the best way to secure a Windows 10 PC during the boot is through maximizing its firmware-based security. The user can carefully use a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to enhance the security. A TPM is hardware-based with module separated from other components confirm that nothing gets into the system during that time. The user can also add the TPM Attestation for the further verification of the TPM chip.

Trusted Boot, Secure Boot, Measured Boot and some more might be followed to confirm that the boot software has a valid signature which ultimately loads Windows 10 Kernel. In any case, if the PC is locked out, it is probably to recover the data by using the BitLocker Recovery.

To Secure PC through Login:
We all secure and protect our phones or devices with Password and PIN, but not with Fingerprint and Face Unlock login. Some IT companies will implement Windows Hello and Fingerprint based (biometric) authentication software for the security purposes only.

Many of the IT companies were believed in the In Bring Your Device (BYOD) situations, where the employees can bring commercially obtainable devices to access both job-related resources and their data.

To Secure PC when it is in Use:
From a Software point, the user can stop Unauthorized Changes by using UAC; the Applocker will only permit the applications which are authorized by the organization. Then comes to the Norton Security System which has indigenous integration on Windows 10. It helps their user by notifying them about the unauthorized websites. WDSS be sure to check for the malicious software when you are installing from the internet. It further secures in following ways:

It intelligently controls over applications, scripts, plug-ins, etc., which can run on a system
Protects your password by using the virtualization-assisted security software.
Protects the system by separating applications in their own virtualized surroundings.
It provides high protection against Ransomware.
By using the Firewall Interface, ensure to monitor the inbound and outbound network traffic which is also a part of Norton antivirus.
On a Hardware Level:
By using the virtualization-assisted security, Norton Credential Guard protects and secures the password
By using a variety of techniques, Norton comes with Device Guard which prevents malware and viruses from running on a system.
We tried to provide you every possible detail about Norton and Windows ten security feature and compatible. But if you want to know more about the Norton or want to download, install, or activate the Norton on your system, you need to dial the toll-free number of Norton customer support. The experts are available 24*7 to assist you. For more info visit



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