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Top 10 Features Can Boost Your Logistics Business

People dealing with logistics business want complete control on our management. And that lack it badly. If you are one of the supply chain managers or logistics business owners, you may have faced with hurdles that include:
• Lack of proper inventory management.
• Increase in demand from clients.
• Lack of internal collaboration- between drivers and suppliers.
• Unmanageable drivers with a notorious behavior.
A leading survey reveals that meeting increased customers’ demands is one of the top challenges faced by logistics business owners. And it is followed by on-time delivery.

1. Vehicle and Driver Tracker on The Go
What about getting notified of every move your driver makes? Doesn’t that give you a peace of mind when you don’t have to call many a time to know the exact details of your drivers? Then you might think of a feature that tracks your vehicle along with your drivers. GPS in logistics application software can help your big time here.

With the feature to track your assigned drivers, you can know where your drivers are at every moment. Whether they are on shift or off shift, late or on time they’re in route- you get data seamlessly- within seconds. This will further help you to assign them deliveries once they arrive beforehand.

2. Driver’s Regular Log Record at Your Fingertips
When we talk about logistics management app, we talk about a driver app, and an admin or shipper app. And it must reduce the manual entries done by every individual driver. So, a feature that automatically sends you the driver’s log module, it eases your as well as your driver’s pain. Along with this a logistics software for small business also adds few driver data that makes your task handling easier, such as –
• Hours of performance
• Trips he had made so far
• Check reviews from clients against those drivers
• Deliveries done by him
• Exact time entered You’ll get a 100% visibility and log data of your drivers with a Uber for trucking solution model from Cargo365cloud – transport management App.

3. Pre-Plan Routes for Drivers
Through Shipper’s App Many a time, drivers use their ‘intelligent minds’ to choose a different route to deliver. This may increase the delivery time following by higher expense on fuel.

With a new feature like pre-planned routes assigned for the trip, you can be sure about what route your driver is going to take. You can plan the route without making that visible to the drivers. They will be informed about the route only through their dispatching dashboard on driver’s app.

4. Assigning Orders for Drivers to Pick Up- The Grab Mode You can take a different way to assign orders to your drivers- let them choose the shipment. Once every driver receives the shipment task on their app, the first one to grab the task will get it- fair enough?
This feature will not only reduce your burden to assign tasks but will let your drivers choose orders as per their convenience. You don’t have to struggle to find an idle driver and assign him the task! This is pretty essential when you have an entire fleet to manage. Managing deliveries will be swift this feature in logistics management software.

5. Automatic Order Dispatch Task to Nearest Drivers It can be the case that you have immediate orders to ship. How will you manage the urgency? Well, you can choose this feature to automatically assign the task to the nearest available driver so that there’s no delay. According to the priority or distance, the task can be assigned automatically. This module is among the important top features of logistics management app and can be an addition to the previous grab mode.

6. Vehicle Inspection with GPS Data in Logistics Management Software Forget old-school logistics management. When you choose automation, why to worry about manual vehicle inspection and safety check? Let your logistics management app do the job for you. When you add a feature like this, you get information about your vehicle that will include the mileage, total distance covered and if there was a rash driving record with the help of GPS in logistics management software.

Every detail will be kept in your app respective to the vehicle and you’ll be notified about the repairs and maintenance if needed. Whether it is pressure and fuel check, integrity check, brakes and everything else. It saves you time and money.

7. Live Stats of Delivery from Your Merchants Don’t you want to eliminate ‘calls’ from your business management?
Well, once you manage your drivers over your app, your driver app can have the feature to send you an instant notification and let you know about the delivery stats. Once it reaches the geolocation of the delivery location, you’ll get notified. As soon as your merchant signs to confirm the delivery, you’ll get a push notification for completion of the task list. This feature can be involved in the logistics management app API for both the driver and shipper module.

8. Multi-Lingual Support for Driver App We understand the importance to have a platform that works in any language. And that’s why Cargo365cloud offers their app to be customized for a multilingual support. When you have drivers from different background with fluency in local language, it is important that you let them operate their driver app with their choice of language.

We can set it up for you- with a seamless integration in the logistics.

9. Find Nearby Gas Station or Mechanic Help Now that serves as a peace of mind for drivers! It’s a relief when drivers have the information about the nearest gas station. They don’t have to hustle around the city to look for a fuel refill. So that can turn out to be a life-saving feature for driver app.

10. In-app Chats in Real Time with Your Driver When you’re dealing with numerous drivers and clients with changing demand, it is important that you are constantly in touch with each other. What if the client asks for a route change in making a delivery? Well, that’s where in-app chats in real-time come to play. You can chat with your drivers and let them know about new requirements. This will enhance communication within the network.

There may be times when driver tracking system doesn’t seem to work. Real-time messaging can help you survive the situation. At Cargo365cloud – Transport management software Apps, we’ve got your covered. Whatever is your language demand, we can help you right away.

To get more information about our software or want to know more then visit: or Email Us with your Requirement at or you can directly call us we can solve your problem or assist you for Transport & Logistics management software or app at 8140297820.

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