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Obesity and Its Effects on the Joints

In the current scenario, obesity is one of the most prevalent medical conditions worldwide. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical exercise, and high demand for fast-food have led to an increase in the number of obese worldwide. Although obesity is commonly associated with heart diseases and diabetes, people fail to understand its adverse effect on the joints in the body.

Today, obesity is one of the main factors that cause arthritis. Moreover, if obesity is not tackled efficiently at the right time, it could lead to further complications in the future. The link between obesity and its effect on the joints is easy to understand. The more weight applied to your joints, the more wear and tear they are likely to undergo. The stress on the joints due to a high amount of weight damages the cartilages present in the joint leading to arthritis. Hence, it is important to note that the chances of developing osteoarthritis are high amongst individuals who are obese.

Due to the ill-effects of obesity on your joints, it is essential to include a physical activity to your diet and most importantly make changes to your diet. SaiShree Hospital is one of the best orthopedic hospitals in Pune. Moreover, SaiShree offers advanced joint replacement surgery in Pune at affordable prices.

A leading orthopedic hospital in Pune reported increased cases of knee and hip replacement and attributes this trend to the high rate of success for the seekers who find complete relief from their symptoms of pain, swelling, and allied locomotion difficulties. With such high success rate, the awareness is growing and more people are inquiring about the hip replacement procedure. An orthopedic surgeon specializing in joint pain treatment in Pune has offered insights and facts relating to the procedure for those who want to know more about it.

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