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Various Causes of Snoring Creates Different Types Of Snorers

The causes of snoring depend on different factors. Snoring usually occurs when the airflow through the nose and mouth is obstructed. Obstruction is usually caused by the narrowing of the throat. Usually, the muscles of the palate, the uvula and tonsils are relaxed during deep sleep and the air you breathe causes them to vibrate resulting to the snoring sound.

Adult men are more likely to snore than adult women. Most overweight individuals snore compared to thin individuals, although there are thin persons who are loud snorers. But if you are overweight you have a greater chance of snoring than thin people. Advance snoring problems are often associated with sleep apnea indicating a serious medical disorder.To know various essential oils to prevent snoring visit Casey Dilworth.

What makes people snore varies from person to person and not all snoring solutions work for everybody. Since there are several causes of snoring, there can be several ways a person snores.

For instance, tongue-based snorers have the tendency for the tongue to drop to the back due to poor muscle tone and structures in the throat and tongue area causing obstruction. It restricts the flow of air creating vibrations as it travels through it creating the snoring sound. Someone who snores more loudly lying on his back can be considered to be a tongue-centered snorer. With this position, the tongue is pushed to the back of the throat.

Nasal snoring, on the other hand, is the result of blocked nasal airways or having a small or collapsed nostrils or nasal stuffiness. This results to mouth-breathing. Snoring is produced through the mouth but the cause may be different. Nasal snoring can be stopped by clearing the obstructions that prevent the person from breathing through his nose.

Mouth breathers sleep with their mouth open and breathe through it. Inhaling through the mouth cause vibration which produces snoring sounds because of the fresh air impacts much harder with the airwave.

If the above mentioned does not apply to the origin of a person's snore, it is likely caused by palatal flutter. This is the most common type of snoring. It is usually caused by the vibration of the smooth palate and uvula tissues at the back of the throat as one breathes. The larger and softer a person's palate the more prone they are to this type of snoring.

Different types of snorers resulting from different causes of snoring can be addressed as these problems have different solutions for it. Identifying these factors can now aid you in finding the best solution to each snoring problem.


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