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6 Simple Maintenance Tips for Log Splitters

Whether you're using a petr ol log splitter or an electric one, it can save a great deal of time and effort compared to splitting logs for firewood with an axe. While chopping your timber for fuel could be hugely satisfying, especially if you're using wood out of your trees, manually splitting logs with an axe may tire you out fast. Thanks to wood splitters, you can have all the firewood you desire without breaking a sweat.

Log splitters are powerful machines but they also need constant maintenance for it to operate safely and correctly. Whether you are shopping for a log splitter or already own one, it is important to understand basic maintenance practices. Here are a couple of tips so you can enjoy your petrol log splitter for a long time.

1. Read the manual

One of the simplest but most important things you could do is to read the owner's manual from the start until the end.

The guide should have all the information you want to learn about your log splitter: technical specifications, maintenance instructions and safety precautions. It is important to heed the directions and warnings inside the manual to ensure safe and suitable splitter operation.

Not all petrol log splitters are designed in precisely the same manner, and you should be aware of the particulars of your specific model. One thing which could be helpful for one splitter may not be successful for another.

2. Assess the hoses

Wood splitters are powered by hydraulics, and you're going to find a few pipes and hoses running the length of your system. These are the hoses that lead in your hydraulic oil pump to the valve, plus they supply the fluid required to make pressure.

The fluid inside the pipes has been flowing at an extremely large pressure, reaching as high as several tons per square inch. If you believe there's a leak somewhere in the machine, don't try to feel about the piping. The high-pressure liquid flow, even out of a small hole, is sufficient to pierce your hands.

Use a stiff piece of paper such as a playing card or cardboard to check for leaking hydraulic fluid. Gently put the card around the piping before the leak rips through or discolours the card. Replace the hoses once you've isolated the location of this leak.

3. Check the hydraulic fluid

Check the fluid reservoir for indicators of water from time to time. With constant use of the log splitter, water can accumulate in the hydraulic fluid over time.

The contaminated fluid will lessen the log splitter's functionality and efficiency. As you may not notice it right away, the machine will gradually but steadily hamper in function. Assess for milky grey discolouration at the fluid, and then replace with new fluid if found.

4. Grease the ram

Always maintain the log splitter's ram generously greased. A correctly greased ram is vital in keeping the splitter operational and productive. Make sure each nook and cranny is greased, as a sterile ram will quickly encourage rust to form.

Rust can damage the hydraulic seal, which will make for disastrous consequences. Sand off any rust formation, wash it and apply more grease on the region.

5. Inspect the engine

If your log splitter is powered by an engine, keeping it in good shape is essential in its own operation. Make sure the oil is clean and complete, and all valves along with the crankshaft are all lubricated.

See if the carburettor, the part responsible for your motor proper combustion, is in good condition. Replace the spark plug needed and see if the plug gap and electrodes are in good form. Maintaining the engine at top shape is equally as critical as a practical hydraulic system.

6. Listen

Even though the log splitter is running, try to listen to any unusual sounds or exaggerated vibration. If something seems or feels different, it's an indication that a couple of components are failing.

The vibration can only come from the engine and pump. If you sense more vibration than usual, then there might be a problem with either or both components. Have it inspected by an expert if necessary.


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