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How to Store Cannabis

You might think it is fine to simply toss your cannabis into a baggie. But to really make a marijuana stash last, there is much more to it. You have to consider the ideal storing temperatures, as well as several other factors to preserve its taste, colour and potency. If you want to ensure that your bud stays nice and fresh for as long as possible, here are the most common dos and don’ts when it comes to storing weed.
DOs of Storing Marijuana
● Store your weed in a cool, dark and dry place that is away from direct sunlight. Harmful ultraviolet rays break down organic materials including pot.
● Use containers that have a neutral charge, like glass jars.
● Store your jars in a cupboard, low shelf or in your basement.
● Minimize oxygen exposure by ensuring that your jars are airtight; air exposure can speed up the degradation process.
● Use instruments like a hygrometer to help control its relative humidity (RH) levels. Keep them between 59 and 63 percent RH when stored.
● Constantly update yourself with new marijuana storage solutions in the market. The marijuana industry is growing, with new products being designed for cannabis storage needs.
DON’Ts of Storing Marijuana
● Refrigerate your cannabis. The fluctuations in humidity and temperatures while in refrigeration might increase the chances of mold and mildew formation.
● Store marijuana in plastic bags. The static charge on the plastic can attract and cause the loss of trichomes. Only use plastic for a short during of time, like during transport.
● Store your pot in the freezer. This will degrade the product and cause trichomes to be brittle and easy break once handled.
● Use a tobacco humidor. It is made of cedar wood which contains oils that can be transferred into the buds and affect its flavor. Its sponges that works to control humidity might over-saturate the weed.
● Store marijuana close to electrical appliances that produce heat because this can dry them up.
● Store grinders, pipes and other things together with your fresh stash.
If you have a big stash of pot, consider separately storing your daily ration so you do not end up opening and closing the jar many times and interfere with air control. Cannabis-infused products have a different storage approach so follow the instructions on the package. Remember that cannabis is like a fine bottle of wine. If you want to make it last, you will have to follow a few rules.

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