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Five Brilliant Tips for a Stress-free Parent Life

It is a well-acknowledged fact that parenting can be stressful. From the neonatal stage, parents start to feel the pressure and often look for ways to deal with it efficiently. Stressed out parents suffer from fatigue and other physical symptoms. The stress sometimes comes affect children, too.

Self-regulation program online courses available for parents are a great way to handle the stress. Here are some simple yet effective tips to get started.

Keep it simple

As a parent one does not have to be a superman or a super woman. Be bold to cut off commitments that bring no more satisfaction into your life. Understand your capacity and take up chores only if you can handle them well. Taking up too much work leads to stress and you end up not giving 100% of your effort to any single task in hand.

Focus on your own self

Children take up a lot of mind space and demand our attention throughout the day. Nevertheless, parents must focus on their health and follow a certain routine to ensure a sound mind and body. Sufficient sleep (minimum 7 hours), healthy diet, regular exercise can help fight stress efficiently. The more rested and healthy the parent, the better will be the outcomes of parenting.

Shrug it off

A parent does not have to win the approval of everyone around. While there maybe several people to judge the parenting style and offer their view points, a parent knows best for his or her child. Do not take every comment personally and shrug it off if you believe that it is a potential source of stress.

Indulge yourself

Does a quiet evening with your partner make you feel comforted? Do you like to take the weekend off with your work mates? Will a bowl of ice cream soothe your parental sores? Then, go for it! Every individual likes to indulge in their favourite activity occasionally and parents are no exception. Taking a break makes a parent feel rejuvenated and helps them bounce back with a better energy level.

Register for a self-regulation course

Working as well as stay-at-home parents can make use of a online self-regulation program to deal with stress and make your daily routines flow more easily. Learning more about self-regulation in a program designed adeptly by experts can help parents to find on researched solutions to problems you face. The self-regulation program available online by an AOTA Approved Provider can be of great use to children and parents, especialy children with special needs.

The author works with a popular AOTA Approved Provider who teaches practical, low-budget self-regulation strategies easy to implement in homes and also writes about parenting and classroom supports. Visit for more details.

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