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How to Find and Repair a Slab Leak

Is a slab leak a serious plumbing problem? If so, how to find slab leak and repipe in Los Angeles? Is that your question? You were in the right place! Here in this article, you will get the answer for all your questions in your mind.

Yes, a slab leak is the general plumbing issue and it results in some complicated plumbing problems such as cosmetic and structural damage. It devastates your house, if the leak is undetected for too long.

How to Detect Slab Leaks?

Before slab leaks become a serious problem, it’s important to detect the slab leaks and repipe in Riverside, to prevent yourself from the issues. Slab leaks are somewhat difficult to detect. Don’t panic, here are some key signs that help you detect the presence of slab leaks.

Sign 1

Sounds of Running Water: If you hear a clear sound of running water, even after closing all the pipes, then sure there is a leak. The leak will be under your home’s foundation.

Sign 2

Unusually High Water Bill: If your water bill is much higher than normal, even though after using a low amount of water, it means, you have a leak somewhere in your house. It’s a proven common sign of slab leaks.

Sign 3

Warm Spots on Your Floor: If you found any unusual small puddles or hotspots on your house floor, you can conclude that it is due to slab leak. Only the warm water leaking from a pipe below your home’s foundation can cause such problem.

Sign 4

Carpet Mildew and Mold Will Develop: Growth of mold! Mold develops in a place where there is high moisture level. A slab leak in your home’s foundation will increase the moisture level in walls and floors and these places serve as a perfect spot for mold or mildew growth.

How to Find and Repair a Slab Leak Accurately

However, we can find whether our house has a leak or not, but we can’t figure it out, where exactly the leak is and can’t repair it by ourselves. In such case, it’s best to repipe in Orange County with the help of plumbing Professionals. The team of experienced plumbers will locate the slab leak by using tools and techniques with limited damage to your property. Such work will be neat and you no need to worry for a slab leak in the future.

The author of the article is the plumber who specializes in slab leak detection and home repipe in Riverside. In this article, he gives some guidelines on how to find and repair a slab leak. To know more, visit

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