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Are adblockers hurting your online business revenues?

Are adblockers are causing a huge problem for profiting ad revenues from online business? If yes, then what adblocking solutions you are using? Or are you looking for smart solutions that can help you to combat adblockers from hurting your online business revenues. Here’s the solution for your problems.

Due to proliferation of ad blocking technologies, the online advertising is no longer a viable solution for profiting ad revenue. Adblocking has surged in recent years and is expected to rise even more in the future and has the potential to negatively impact both advertisers and online ad publishers.
Adblockers interrupt ads from being loaded and viewed on user’s browser. They use ‘filter lists’ that contain a list of page elements associated with ads. Publishers don’t get paid for the advertisements until they appear on desktop or mobile device. Ad blocking affects online ad publishers earning through cost per click (CPC) based advertisements and ad impressions (CPM) suffer from revenue losses. Every time your online ad interacts with Ad Block without being protected by a sustainable solution, you lose one opportunity for your ad to be seen by an end user, advertisers will find another ad impressions against which to serve the same. Each time an advertisement is displayed on the screen, it is counted as an ad impression. These impressions translate into money which is paid to authors, bloggers, journalists, columnists, content creators, researchers, editors and to itself if presumably they have any profits left.
According to Pagefair 2016 mobile adblocking report, people had started to use blockers for mobile devices at an increase of 102% during 2015. Adblock usage grew 30% globally in 2016. By March 2016, there were about 298 million users of mobile adblocking browsers that block ads by default and 16% of all mobile devices already had blockers installed in June 2016. An estimated 30 million users have been using it for Firefox for Android and 24 million users have been using it for Opera Mini and Maxthon for blocking ads.
No worries, though. You now have the potential to fight back against those adblockers and compensating your online business revenues. Here’re some solutions that can help you in combating adblockers and serving your ads anyway.

Solution#1: Using adblock crusher-Adzsafe
Adzsafe is one of the best adblocking solutions. It completely and fully disables adblocking software from operating in the browser. It allows online ads to be loaded and viewed, regardless if the adblocker is present on user’s browser or not. It does so without asking ad publishers to replace their online ad providers with a different one, like other adblocking solutions require.
It has ‘Free Internet Protection’ tools that successfully avoid from being detected by adblocker, and instantly disable adblocker. It is praised for its ability to subside adblocker completely, and for not requiring online ad publishers to change their ad providers.

Solution#2: Get white-listed
There are many cases where million-dollar businesses shake hands with popular ad blocker companies for getting their sites white-listed which allow ads to appear in order the user to support the channel by giving view time to ads. Small online ad publishers might not have that bandwidth hence they keep to take the hit with eventual results of being shut down. Therefore, blocking may result in an uneven field of competition in these cases.
There are various options available for white-listing your advertisements. You can display a message to the visitors who’ve installed adblocker by asking them to white-list your site. Once the visitors disable adblocker, he/she will not see the message again.

Solution#3: Use Paywall

Paywall require paid subscription to view your content and provide trusted insights and markets coverage. It help to manage, sell and protect online content, products and services by premium subscription.
Paywall help you to prevent visitors from accessing web sites and similar content providers from where access is restricted to Internet content via a paid subscription. It helps to view content provides trusted insights and markets coverage. The users will have to pick up the tab if digital ad dollars aren’t funding publishers’ content. Since ad blocking is easy to identify with JavaScript, publishers can simply deploy Paywall to those users. The ad blocking software users will have to pay a premium to view content instead of seeing video or display ads.


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