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5 Significant Tips To Convert Window Shoppers Into Loyal Customers

Imagine you are walking down the street when suddenly you catch a glimpse of the beautiful floral gown that you have been yearning for since about a couple of months now.

You have controlled your craving and have been convincing yourself with excuses like you do not need the dress now, you have loads of them back at home and that the price is too high and so on.

But in spite of your best efforts you cannot lay your eyes off it. And suddenly you notice that the shop is providing 30-50 percent off on the limited edition dresses. What’s more you can avail further discounts if you are part of their loyalty program.

That’s it! All your plans of not purchasing the dress goes off into the wind. You walk into the store and make the purchase as this offer is too good to ignore.
This is one of the arts that every retail brick and mortar shop should master in order to survive in the long run. Perfecting this skill of luring and convincing the window shoppers and thus, changing them into their customers is one of the basic criteria for the success and sustenance of any retail store.

Here an attempt is made to bring to you some of the fundamental tips about how you can convert such window shoppers into customers which is the secret success mantra for every retail. Here’s how you can achieve it.

Emphasize on Your Unique Selling Proposition – Analyse and find out what makes your business stand out from your competitors and deliver the message loud and clear. For example, at your store, suppose one can get the latest international brands at reasonable price. So highlight this and spread this word as much as possible.

Prioritise and Transform Things that Are Not Working – This can be a bit tougher than expected like having a mammoth clearance sale, firing someone that you know should go or moving an entire store around. This way you not only make your business more lucrative to the consumers, but undertaking a task for the betterment of your business also makes you feel better.

Shun the “Can I Help You” Script – A lot of things can go wrong when you say that line. This goes without saying when you ask this the shoppers will answer, “No, I am just looking!”. Instead you should train the salespersons to ask “Have you been in the store before?” If the answer is “yes” then he can say, “Welcome back and let me show a couple of new things that have just come up yesterday”. If the answer is “no” then he can suggest “Let us show you around”. This way you don’t give them an opportunity to say that they need to be left alone.

Advise Them If You Can’t Sell Them – It is a trend that window shoppers first collect the information rather than purchasing. They may not buy from you today but if you keep your options open and can provide the right information then probably this customer will return to you to make the purchase. So your salesperson can ask the shopper what kind of merchandise they are looking for and for which occasion instead of asking if you want this or that. So the salespersons is trying to assess your need and direct you to that product or service as fast as possible even if one is just looking and don’t intend to buy. Give them proper information, show them the differences, the longevity and price range. This way you can enhance their chance of coming back to you.

Ensure that They Remember You – Even if the window shopper does not purchase you should treat the window shoppers well as they can be your future customers. That is why you must make sure that they leave the shop with a positive feeling. Greet them well, help them, guide them and smile when they leave. Stay in touch with messages, email, newsletters or blog. You should show the window shoppers that you don’t dismiss them.

Window shoppers favour the retails that bring a smile to their lips and help them despite not being customers. Moreover, if you follow these tips that are suggested by the renowned retail chain Super 99 that like Store99 has made it big in the retail world, you will be able to convert the window shoppers into your loyal customers in no time.

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