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9 Ways to Improve Log Splitting Safety

Whether you are using a log splitter for the very first time or have had considerable experience with breaking hefty pieces of hardwood, it is vital that you concentrate on the worksite and personal safety. It should be your primary consideration, irrespective of expertise or skill.

Employing a log splitter may save yourself a wonderful deal of energy and time that could be employed to do more important things, but you should not miss these simple security reminders for safer log splitter use.

Below are a few simple reminders to ensure that your time with a gas log splitter is a secure and effective one.

1. Read the guide

Before using a petrol log splitter, you need to read the user guide along with any supplemental material which came with the log splitter.

The user manual must include everything one needs to learn about a petrol log splitter: design specifications, operational limitations, maintenance instructions, and safety warnings.

Always read and understand the warning labels and instructions to prevent accidents. It is there for a reason.

2. Wear safety equipment

Always wear personal protective gear before using a log splitter. Standard safety equipment every operator should have include ear muffs, safety goggles, durable long pants, steel-toed boots and work gloves.

Take off loose items such as jewellery and don't wear clothing that might get jammed in the machine's moving parts. Always assume that the machine is working.

3. Keep the place clean

Prepare an unobstructed perimeter of two to three meters around the log splitters to prevent accidents and ensure proper airflow.

Never use the splitter near bystanders and animals and do not allow unauthorised people to touch the device, even if it's switched off.

Always keep tabs on the debris alongside any extra fragments which may fly out while dividing a log.

4. Keep children and animals away

Never allow an animal or a kid to come close to the machine, even if it's not being used. Children can press the wrong button that might cause accidental startups or worse.

Always keep constant tabs on the device if there are kids around. Don't be afraid to use force when warranted. Log splitters aren't toys.

5. See what you load

While log splitters do the vast majority of the splitting work, the majority of the time that the big logs aimed for splitting still has to be loaded manually. The constant lifting of logs in the ground to the machine sets a significant strain on your spine and back.

Consider buying movers and other moving devices which will assist with the lifting and loading of logs.

6. Do not use while drunk

Do not use a log splitter or some other power tool or heavy machinery while under the impact of intoxicating substances. This is not limited to only alcohol.

Don't use a log splitter in case you have taken medication or other substances that may impair your vision, hearing loss, or capability to respond or think.

7. Use outside

Only use a petrol log splitter out and in broad daylight. The fumes emitted by the machine may contain carbon monoxide, an odourless, invisible gas that's deadly. The area also must be well-lit.

8. Switch it off

Always turn the log splitter off prior to making adjustments to the log's location. The incorrect hand placement at the wrong time and with all those moving parts, it could lead to severe injuries and even amputations.

9. Only use in well-lit locations

Never operate heavy machinery during the night or in poorly lit spaces. When outdoors, make certain there is sufficient lighting to carry out your work safely and properly.


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