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How to Repair A Corrupted SD Card

Corrupted SD Card Recovery
Sometimes, your SD card can be corrupted and emerges with different problems. There are several symptoms of damaged SD memory card:
1.SD card on cellphone shows “Card Error”.
2.Data on SD card disappear without cause.
3.Can’t delete or copy files on SD card.
4.When inserting the SD card onto computer, it prompts card needs to be formatted for normal use.
5.Windows can’t complete the formatting of SD card.
6.The SD card cannot be identified in phone or camera.
7.SD card shows RAW or 0 byte.

Cause of SD card damage
Improper handles or other action may lead to SD card corruption.
1.SD card is not inserted or pulled out normally, such as removing card during the process of using.
2.SD card is attacked by virus.
3.Sudden power failure during use.

First connect the card to another PC or device to check the compatibility. If you can’t delete or edit the files on SD card, learn how to remove write protection from SD card. Then follow steps below to fix or reformat your damaged SD card.

Note: After repair, the data cannot be restored, and it is suggested to restore the SD card data first. RePicvid Free Photo Recovery is designed to recover photos and other media files from corrupted SD card as long as it is readable.

Different Ways to Format Corrupted SD Card
1.Format SD card in Windows explorer
Step 1. Right click the disk that your SD card displays and select Format.
Step 2. Select the correct file system (FAT32 for 32GB SD card and EXFAT for 64GB SD card) and Quick Format.
Step 3. Click Start and begin with formatting.


2.Format corrupted SD card with Diskpart
Step 1. Click Start and type diskpart in the search bar. Input “list disk” and “select disk 2” (the number of SD card).
Step 2. Type “clean” and press Enter. Type “create partition primary” and hit on Enter.
Step 3. Type “active”- Enter- “select partition 2”- “format fs=fat32”- Enter.
Step 4. Type “Exit” and quit Command Prompt.


3.Format SD card with format tool
Download SD card formatter and follow the wizard to complete the formatting.

How to Repair Damaged SD Card Without Formatting
1.Check SD card for errors
Step 1. Right click the SD card and select Properties.
Step 2. Select the Tools tab and click Check now.
Step 3. Select “Automatically fix file system errors” and “ Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors”, then click Start to fix the corrupted SD card.

2.Repair damaged SD card using CMD
Step 1. Type “cmd” in search bar and enter in cmd.exe.
Step 2. Input “chkdsk /X /f G:” (G is the drive letter of SD card) and press Enter.


Apart from the above methods, you can also try some common and easy solutions to fix SD card damage.
1.Change the drive letter of SD card
2.Reinstall the drives
Remove bad sectors in SD card

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