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8 Steps to Boost SEO result from Blogging

Every time, when we have a blog, we are thinking about organic results, whether this blog will give us potential customer or not? Do we achieve our SEO target by this blog or not? Is this blog will be the milestone for the traffic on my website or not. Here we are explaining top 8 simple points that you should keep in mind while writing a blog for SEO gains.

1. Choose most common and appealing name to your blog

I have seen lots of bloggers have named there blog just a name as simple as the blog. I strongly suggest them to be as good as on words for the name they choose for their blog. It is all that what your potential visitors look at first and made the assumption for your blog. The second point to consider that your blog name will give you traffic on your post and finally has the positive impact on your SEO ranking. Means having appealing and relevant blog name will directly impact SEO result on your website.

2. Target your audience from specific post

Blogger should have an eagle eye over the visitors. What their visitors are needful for? Deliver the same content what is needful. I have seen several blogs which are full of irrelevant content, being a promoter of products my suggestion is to create a target audience. Segment your audience in the different and specific zone and create the similar blog for them to attract them to your website. Here is an example how you can do that.

Assume you are from a service industry and providing home-based laundry service. Pick up all keywords related to laundry works with home delivery or home-based service. It will help you to attract more visitors to your post and thus will deliver positive SEO result for your website.

3. User friendly URL

Utmost I have noticed that a good blog with all the relevant content, keywords do not deliver the expected result. Promoters have realized that positioning and picking of correct words in URL matters most. Developer should leave joining words like and, or etc. while creating URL. Long and heavy URL is not beneficial instead of short and relevant keywords.

4. Keep updating your blog contents

Keep a regular practice to update your blog with internal links, relevant content etc. It will help your blog to keep updated and good for SEO result. Here are some possible ways that you can do to optimize your website blog to gather traffic. Focus yourself on header and footer of blog like title, closing, URL and META description. Apart from this you can link your older post with the new one to bring traffic.

5. Work on SEO phrases

SEO phrases are keywords or SEO tools which help visitors to search your post from Google. Incredible amount of Keywords will help people to look into your website which will directly impact your website Google page ranking and SEO ranking.

6. Go global with images

High quality relevant image will also leave a positive impact over the visitor. Research said that images are the first thing that attract person towards blog. Don't forget to mark your images with descriptive ALT tag as well as a mark with keywords also.

7. Optimize your blog

Last but not least do not forget to optimize your blog with the structured data markup. It will help your blog to provide page information, presentation and layout in better way in SERP.

8. Social media optimization

And finally social media is the ultimate source of traffic gathering. Do not forget to publish your website content or its blog on the social media to get huge amount of free traffic on your webpage. There are some more benefits of sharing content on social media like it keeps your social account updated, your followers become engaged with new post, as discussed beneficial for SEO promotion also and finally helpful for referral traffic.

So, I conclude next time while writing a blog you will once think about all this above point and will go ahead with better SEO result on your website.


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