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20 Maintenance Tips for Pole Saw Users

If you've got a yard full of trees or work as a gardener or forester, then you realize just how useful a pole saw could be. Chainsaws are great for felling trees and clearing thick brush, but they are too dangerous for cutting overhead limbs and branches. For that, you need to use a pole saw. This power tool is great for pruning trees to your specification and cutting branches which may pose a danger to individuals.

Pole saws are somewhat similar to chainsaws. In the pole saw's case, the bar and string are attached to the pole shaft. Considering that the rotating shaft allows the user greater reach, pole saws are great for limbing and trimming branches. And just like a chainsaw, a pole saw may also be incredibly harmful in the hands of the inexperienced.

Whether you're using a petrol pole saw or an electric one, the power tool requires routine maintenance to keep it in top shape. Machines are very similar to living creatures, they need to be cared for to ensure a secure and proper performance. Neglect the pole saw, and it will break down when you need it the most. Routine maintenance is essential to prolong the service life and dependability of the pole saw.

This is a quick guide to the maintenance of pole saws. Stick to a few of these basic strategies and you may be limbing and cutting branches for a long time.

Before and after use

1. Wipe the entire body, bar and string of the pole saw with a moist cloth. Make sure that all of the wood chippings, sawdust and dirt have been eliminated.

2. Assess whether the trigger lock is operational. The chain shouldn't turn if the trigger lock is engaged. Don't use the pole saw if it does.

3. Double check if engaging the stop switch turns off the pole saw.

4. Ensure that the string can't turn while the pole saw is in idle mode.

5. Clean the air filter after each use. Replace if it's still too dirty or obstructed after cleaning.

6. Inspect the body and check if all bolts and screws are properly tightened.

7. If you are using a petrol pole saw, make sure there aren't any leaks before use.

8. Do not forget to clean the area under the protective cap. There might be dirt trapped inside which may move to the pole saw.

Each week

9. See if the return spring and starter cord are in great shape. Send the pole saw for immediate repair if either of the two is worn or broken.

10. Prolonged exposure to vibration may lead to long-term nerve damage. Always check if the vibration dampeners are working.

11. Clean out the area enclosing the spark plug. Remove the plug and see if the plug gap and electrodes are in great form. Replace the spark plug when needed.

12. Clean the cooling fins on the flywheel as dust and gunk have a propensity to collect inside the mechanism.

13. For mufflers without a catalytic converter, remember to replace or clean the spark arrestor screen.

14. Do a general review and cleanup of the area surrounding the carburettor.

Each month

15. Drain the gas tank and wash out the interior.

16. Wash out the carburettor. If necessary, have a certified technician perform the cleanup.

17. Perform a comprehensive cleanup of the fan wheels.

18. Make certain the gas filter and pipe are not worn down. Replace the parts if needed.

19. The clutch and its parts are certain to get worn down after a month of use. Analyze the condition of the harm, and replace if needed.

20. Replace the spark plug.


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