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Tips to Buy Contemporary Sculptures Online

One may every now and then intend to invest in a contemporary sculpture that delights the onlookers and is a perfect match for the living environment settings or the outdoors.
One nevertheless has to keep in mind that the sculpture one intends to go for is an original as produced by an artist and not a fake reproduced by one of the technological implements.
Going for an originally crafted sculpture offers a host of benefits for one in the long run. From both, aesthetic and durability points of view, you are just about sure to notice a great difference in the quality.
Background Checks On Contemporary Sculptures
Let’s take an overview of why is it important to go for background checks on contemporary sculptures?
Sculptures may occasionally be high priced. These, just like any other piece of art are sometimes duplicated on a large scale.
It hence may sometimes become difficult for an art lover to differentiate between a real and duplicate sculpture. Let us consider a hypothetical story that explains why it is important to make sure that the sculpture that you invest in is an original piece of art.
“Monique is a seasoned sculptures buyer. She is well known in the sculpture auction circuit as a ‘Spotter” – because she can spot dummies in sculptures just like that!
Monique has a cousin who thinks she is smarter than her. She buys a “Buddha Statue” online, which was made by one of the renowned Japanese contemporary ceramic artists. She has no idea about the industry and she bought it on a whim because it was ceramic. She pays $1000 for the online purchase and the gets the sculpture home.
Sometime later, Monique comes to her cousin’s place and finds the statue. She immediately says it’s a fake! The cousin takes offense. Monique then asks one of her sculpture curator friends to examine the statue. The friend reports that the sculpture indeed is a fake and the material is “Plaster of Paris” with gloss varnish.
So we should take the advice of trusted and seasoned people before investing in any online sculpture buying.”
How to identify real and dummy contemporary sculpture art sellers?
Provenance is a term very often used in art circles. This is nothing but documentation which proves an artwork’s authenticity.
We can nevertheless come across some instances wherein Provenance is fake or forged. Some of these, one may even find at preferred auction sites such as eBay. These might be available at e-commerce stores and brick and mortar shops as well.
But the issue still stays most prevalent at online auctions.
Some of the below mentioned ways could help one make sure that the provenance for a piece of art is not a fake. This goes on to prove the authenticity of an art piece.
Lest you see the provenance, do not bid on an art piece.
Some information that a provenance must carry is:
Dimension of artpiece
Date of creation (if known)
Medium of creation
Title (if known)
Provenance must ideally be hand signed.
Just to be sure, one must get contact details of the channel/entity from which he is buying artwork.
Some of These Ways May Help You Identify If The Sculpture You Come Across At An Auction Is Real Or A Dummy:
Just as an example, let us consider some simple ways to identify if a bronze sculpture is real or a dummy.
Bronze sculptures created by just about every artist are reproduced into dummies as contemporary metal art. While these are represented as bronze, in most cases, these are likely to be cast iron or zinc.
These are, in most cases poor quality replicas that are mass produced. But these are nevertheless mistaken for the original at online sales and auctions at brick and mortar stores.
One of the ways to identify a fake sculpture is that if multiple sculptures sold by the same seller are attached to a similar base. Original sculptures, created in the 19th or 20th century were seldom attached to a base.

If one separates the base, one can identify that the sculpture has been manually attached to the base. Bases are sometimes plastic which has been painted upon, and upon using a knife, plastic shavings would come off.

Original sculptures made seldom had a tag that defined an artist’s name and credentials. So if you find a metal tag which has the artist’s information, your sculpture may be a fake.

Use a magnet. If it is a cast iron sculpture, the magnet will stick.

A chip or flake in the external paint may give you cues that the sculpture is not an original reproduction.

Color, weight and tapping sounds may not be sufficient ways to identify fake bronze sculptures, and the forgeries made are sometimes sophisticated.
When one invests in a piece of art, one would want to make sure that the artwork decorates the surroundings and delights the heart and spirits, years down the line in the same way as it does today.
One of the ways to ensure the same is that one makes sure that one invests in an original piece of art. A fake may wear off over time, wherein there just might not be a way to overcome the damage. So it is better to make sure that one invests in an original sculpture and takes expert opinion before paying off a heavy amount to buy a sculpture. Provenance, checking the credentials of sellers and some basic physical checks are some of the basic ways to go about the same.
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