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5 Reasons Your Site Needs Website Monitoring in 2018

With all the innovation and technology changes happening in the world today, the year 2018 is expected to have a dynamic environment. In this digital era customer have high expectations, low patience levels and short attention spans. In such environment, it is better for a business to safeguard itself by having a good website monitoring service to ensure a good website user experience. There are many good reasons for using website monitoring to track your site uptime and web-site performance.

1. Performs Uptime Tracking of Your Site’s 3rd Party API
It has become increasingly common for websites in the previous year to increase their functionality and expand the website’s capability by using API’s. As times passes by in the year 2018 this integration with other sites will increase further. If your website uses 3rd party APIs to deliver additional functionality, a good website monitoring service can track that API and verify if that is performing well. From your customers’ point of view when your site does not function due to API failure, they hold your site accountable. A website monitoring tool with 3rd Party API tracking protects your website’s brand reputation.

2. Continuous and Comprehensive Monitoring 24/7 365 days a Year
Without a doubt this is probably the biggest benefit of website monitoring. Today many people work flexible hours and they have less free time. Customers’ behavior with respect to right time for shopping is unlike in the past. When there were only brick and mortar stores, customers could not shop for certain things like gifts at 6 AM as the stores would not open that early but online stores are open 24 by 7. However, with pressure on time, people do online shopping as per their convenience. A website monitoring tool has the ability to continuously and relentlessly monitor your site and checks if your web-site’s performance is healthy at all times. This is a great reassurance and provides confidence that your website is supporting your website goals in an efficient manner.

3. Enables Quick Response and Faster Resolution of Website Downtime
The one thing that is clear about customers in the recent past is that they don’t have much patience. If at all they have any issues with your web-site, they will expect fast resolution of the issue. With a monitoring service always closely tracking your website uptime, you will get to know whenever there is a problem with your site. This helps you to start the resolution process quickly and get your site back into working condition sooner. You will also receive alerts with details of the components or services on your website that are not functioning. Such specific technical inputs help you to identify the root cause faster and to quickly resolve the problem that the website is facing.

4. Keeps an Eye on Your Hosting and Cloud Provider’s Performance
You select a regular hosting or company based on their uptime promise. After you opt for a certain provider, don’t blindly believe their promises. It is always better to objectively and accurately monitor your site’s uptime performance. An external monitoring service will validate whether the hosting or cloud company is keeping their promise. It will also help you to decide if your hosting plan is suitable for your need or has to be upgraded.

5. Multi-location Site Monitoring
Today, customers do business with a website from many regions of the country, continent or the world. With the rise of innovation driven by software apps, individuals and businesses are using SaaS solutions from different cities, regions or countries. While a site may be working well in one city or region, the performance may be sub-optimal from another location. Monitoring the site from only one city and region may give a false reassurance of good performance. While large segments of the customers may be experiencing a slow site. This can be solved by having multi-location site monitoring service.

Don’t be casual about visitor user experience with your website in 2018. User experience is an important metric for your site. And good performance on site speed, site usability, and site uptime will boost your business income. It also underlines the importance of achieving the user’s expectation of flawless website. A website monitoring app is an important tool to deliver a superior user experience to your site visitors.


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