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2 Social Media Fails To Avoid In 2018: Whether You'Re A Brand Or A Business

Social media is a space which has become a way to reach out to thousands of people, influence them, earn from social marketing and a whole lot more. A social wall is another concept that has arisen from social media only.

We know the power of hashtag walls that are capable of displaying live social media feeds on websites and how beneficial these social walls are for brand events, contests, and campaigns. Today, we are talking about social media fails that are a total no-no and must be absolutely avoided by brands and businesses.

Further, by this blog, we also aim at talking briefly about the importance of social walls, their embedding feature on websites and their importance for generating rich User-Generated Content for websites. Social walls are a powerful tool for marketing and branding today in a creatively unique way.

The 2 social media fails to avoid surely-

1). Seizing Every Opportunity to Promote Your Business

Social media is quite tempting and it is also a great platform to pitch your brand product and services, or your upcoming collaboration or a movie and so on. But, one thing you've got to understand is social media sincerity. It isn't always necessary to seize every opportunity or jump on headline news and make it work for your business promotion or self-promotion.

Common examples can be when celebrities and brands such as GAP have been seen to make use of headlines of floods and natural disasters for their own use.

The headline news for a flood was tapped on by a celebrity only recently where he did sympathize with those affected by floods and further added that he hopes people can get a chance to see his newly released movie. Gap also did a similar social blunder where they did sympathize with victims of the natural disaster but simultaneously also promoted shopping from their website.

It is highly insincere to promote your product or service constantly without giving a second thought. Do not connect all this with self-promotion. People can smell insincerity easily and this will only land you into a PR disaster and create a poor public image. Don't promote your business unless you're talking about what you're doing to help the victims (only if you are).

2). Working With the Wrong Influencer

Influencer marketing has picked up the trend crazily these days. It's almost like a fad. Brands are highly eager to worth with influencers who can expose their products to a wider audience, generate interest and boost sales. Influencers have a pre-established follower base which companies find easy to target via influencer marketing.

What brands do not pay attention to is working with the wrong influencer whose established follower base may not be the exact target audience they want to boost their product among or their repute may not be as robust as it appears or the influencer personality and work goals may not match the brands' personality and product line.

Brands often do not research in-depth and choose an influencer that is not best-suited to be the face of their brand or product. Mere social media posts by that influencer on Instagram or Facebook will not necessarily boost the brand’s sales. Brands must research and analyze what benefits they will reap with that influencer's influence on the social platform. How exactly will the influencer contribute to 'up' the brand image among the many followers of theirs!

Well-Conducted research on influencers will save brands from working with the wrong influencers or will save them from not collaborating with an influencer that's not suited to the brand profile.

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