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Be Self Motivated and ways to do it

Self-motivation is, in its simplest term can be understood as the force that compels you to do things on a regular basis.
Self-motivation is the key to success here. There are many books written, web-pages are online and articles are published all that effort to explain self-motivation and some top academics have dedicated for just trying to recognize, mock-up and extend self-motivation theory according to their understanding. Essential to your self-motivation is to understand what motivates you to do things on a regular basis.
This may sound clear-cut but sometimes your motivation is hidden from your realization – your own not public hidden agenda. You might be trying hard to get it out but you can’t.
Your motivation may well transform from hour to hour, day to day and continue to change throughout your life because your needs, goals or way of doing things changes from time to time.

Here are few mentioned points that keep you self-motivated and let you perform things efficiently:

1) A morning quiz:
It’s important that you really sense how it makes you feel when you are up to something. When I think about the last completed task it should make me happy right now. Some morning questions are great because the mode they set makes you recognize things you take in hand and then really go hard to get it. Few questions are given as follows:
What am I going to do this morning?
Get the answer and try to put a plan on the task.
Whose is going to be my motivator?
Choose your ideal say, that particular motivational speaker in Lucknow (or in your city) is my motivator. I want to do things like him or her.
What time is it going to take?
Set up a span of time. Yes, it is easy I can finish it all by then.
Hence, you are now set to go and perform.

2) Place a goal:
There is no point in dribbling the ball efficiently in the field if you cannot score a single goal in football. Life follows the same principle of having limited time, so score as many goals as you can. Place your goal on the place where you can see it daily, I usually stick it on my mirror, so that I can witness it daily and keep myself motivated. It is now simple you get up in the morning go to brush your teeth and here you see the goal of your life. It gives you the motivation that yes I have got to this anyhow.

3) Select your heroes:
It is important to select your ideal. Read about them, learn about them and try to act like them. Learn from their mistakes and try to avoid what they told to avoid. The ideal maybe your corporate trainer in Lucknow (or in your city) or in your office; Heroes can be anywhere. You need to find out that he is the best and I am going to follow him.
Remember: Your little slow step daily can make you reach the destination faster than running once in a month.


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