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Understanding The Permanent Effects Of Using The Chastity Cage

There are a variety of myths and a big number of wrong information about the effects of long-term or long-lasting cock cage. Putting on a cock cage long term is secure and healthy so long as you maintain both the chastity cage and yourself clean and take it off when it comes to medical emergencies.

Here, we’ll address the most typical of these myths and just why they are incorrect.

Lack of Function
Misconception: Wearing the best chastity cage long-term may cause erection dysfunction, problems peeing, or additional issues with penis function

Truth: You will find zero documented results of these results occurring. Professional urologists conferred with the problem did not really find any kind of unwanted effects of long-term chastity. A lot of men have been gladly caged for a long time and are still in a position to maintain erections, attain climax, and pee normally.

Nocturnal Pain

Myth: Putting on a cock cage overnight could cause extreme discomfort because the penis involuntarily can erect multiple occasions per night

Truth: A wrongly installed cock cage shouldn't trigger this problem. Nevertheless, people who normally sleep on the stomachs have reported a few small chafing because of the gadget. If you want to sleep with a cage on, it is suggested to rest on your back.

Some caged guys do recommend staying uncaged overnight several times monthly, while nocturnal erections promote regular blood circulation towards the penis. Night erections could be thought of as your body stretching or working out your penis since it will any other muscle mass. Talk to your keyholder to choose if uncaging is correct for you.

It’ll Get Smaller?
Misconception: Long-term or permanent chastity cage can make the penis or testicles smaller

Truth: Every situation differs. A few online sites of men in chastity have reported a reduction in male organ size after many years of cock cage use, although some have not.

It will be possible after long time use - a number of weeks or even more - without erection or orgasm could cause some diminishing of the corpus cavern (erectile cells of the penis) due to disuse. If you are worried about this happing for you, just speak to your keyholder about scheduling more frequent sexual climaxes or these overnight uncaging periods.

Say No to Spikes

The above topics are some myths distributed that are false information. The thing is not taking care of dick cages can be truly harmful.

Realistically, there is absolutely no way to totally prevent every single attempt by the penis to be erect. Unconscious night erections will continue to occur (or try to occur) actually after years of unplanned chastity. They are the whole method of ensuring blood is circulating correctly in the genital part, and so are incredibly healthy and normal. When wearing a spiked cage, the anti-pullout pins will drill down painfully into the shaft from the male organ over these night erections, potentially leading to cuts, bruises and abrasions.

For your own safety, do not use the cage with spikes or anti-pullout hooks. Choose a chastity cage that is fun, secure, and completely spike-free!
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