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How To Get The Perfect Fit For Your Best Cock Cage

What is the best chastity cage?

This may appear like a difficult question; however, the answer is actually fairly simple:

One which fits you.

The most crucial a part of any spiked cock cage is the fit. It must be snug, however, not tight, comfy, rather than stroke or touch against any kind of section of the male organ or testicles.

In our guidebook to man chastity right here, we provide you with a step-by-step look at how exactly to measure your penis and make sure that your cock cage fits just like a glove.

Even with ideal measurements, it is important to focus on how your penis and testicles feel. Do you see any red marks or signs of chafing? Can you feel the cage rubbing or getting against your skin layer when you are putting on it? Do you feel any kind of pain? Are your penis and testicles of good healthy and not inflamed?

The two most common issues with the fit of a cage are:
Cage Too Long
Many men thinking about the humbler intentionally choose a ring that's smaller than the real diameter of their flaccid penis. They will think that a tighter fit will be more effective in avoiding erection and sex.

A too- small ring, however, can be extremely hazardous to the health of the penis. Overly restricted cages can easily chafe your skin of the male organ, creating areas of natural, irritated, private skin that may serve as a breeding window for contamination. If the ring leaves a reddish effect on your skin when you take it off, it is as well too tight.

Nevertheless, a too- little band can be hugely dangerous to the fitness of your penis.

Tight rings may also easily prevent the blood circulation to the penis, which is essential for a tool that will not get regular erections. If you see any staining of your male organ or testicles, particularly if they will begin to turn any color of blue or crimson; go for a bigger cock ring.

How to know if a cock ring is of the correct size? If you can wear it for a number of hours without either of the testicles sliding from the ring, the ring is properly sized and does the job.

Another method of screening is to place your index or center finger between your ring as well as your skin. You need to be able to match a small finger up to the first joint under the ring. In case you can’t do that, it’s most likely too tight.

If you are uncertain about obtaining the ideal fit for your best cock cage, you can opt to go for a number of sizes for your experimentation. Purchase a couple of cock cages in your local shop or online to test size prior to ordering your new cock cage!

When your cock cage fits comfortably and correctly, the opening or slit at the bottom of the cage lines up flawlessly with your urethra. This enables you to urinate very easily and easily without fretting about any issues. But if the cage is too big, it generally does not align with the entire hole in the end of the cage during urination. It might lead to problems in the bathroom.

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