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How To Find The Proper Chastity Size

Sizing you for a comfortable, long-term chastity device isn't easy. For most males, it requires adequate learning from your errors to find the most suitable device. This is often annoying and expensive because chastity devices do not come cheap. There are several tricks and tips in reducing the probability of purchasing an incorrect best cock cage, but even they are not a precise technology and faults could be made.

Measuring for any comfy chastity device:

Calculating For The Main Ring:
The most crucial measurement to get as accurate as possible for the chastity cage is the size of the main ring. (The band that circles testicles and penis) An incorrect fit right here could cause a host of problems later on. If the ring is too big, the cage can slide down, or fall off completely. If the ring is definitely too small, you are affected with discomfort and pain, water retention and trimming off the blood circulation to your genitals. The very best fit is the one that seems snug enough in order to avoid sliding, but loose enough that blood may circulation and you feel comfortable.

There is a big difference in having “blue balls” (The slang term to spell it out an ache in your testicles because of being refused orgasm) and also having blue testicles. In case your testicles are turning reddish, purple or blue, the ring is actually tight and you should take it off immediately and try another size.

Measuring for the Size:
The size of the best cock cage is relatively important. Preferably you want a cock cage that is simply long enough to allow the tip of your male organ to come to rest by the end of the cock cage. If your cage is small, it might make you feel just like your penis has been constantly “held back” within the body just a little, your glans may stand out uncomfortably through the end opening, or the penis may bunch up towards the bottom. For uncircumcised men, the foreskin might protrude from the end of the device and just get pinched. A cage that's too much big won't trigger any issues, nonetheless it might lead to urine to get splashed in the device, and odor and which in turn builds up moisture.

To measure the size of your male organ for a chastity cage, you may take a ruler and place it upon the back of the flaccid penis, measuring from top to bottom. Do not press the ruler into the scrotum, as this will provide you with a wrong measurement. Simply allow the ruler to get to your skin there. You need to be totally flaccid when getting this size, but not the “retracted inside the body since it is chilly or scared” kind of flaccid. For accurate outcomes, take the measurements many times throughout the day, to get your most normal length. When you have listed your sizes, take the average size of all the results to find your ideal size for a cage.

Measuring to get the cage diameter:
Measuring to get the cage size is less important, but the correct fit here has some benefits. You will get more comfortable and make much less mess in the cage when you pee.
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