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9 Simple Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Many homeowners are incredibly proud of the immaculately-manicured yards. For them, nothing surpasses the deep satisfaction of seeing their own perfectly-trimmed lawn following a long day's mowing. Picture this: Them sipping their chilly drink, basking in the magnificent sight of cut grass.

For a lot of people, purchasing their first lawn mower is almost like a rite of passage, like their first car or first apartment. As soon as they have their own lawn mower, and they have cut their first blade of grass, then they will need to ensure the mower stays in outstanding condition.

A lot of people believe lawn mower care is a difficult undertaking, but this article aims to cut through the confusion and simplify the basics. Ignoring the essentials of lawn maintenance can result in a shorter lifetime for your yard and garden.

Listed below are a few basic tips to ensure that your mower stays in good condition.

1. Read the manual

The easiest thing you can do would be to do some reading. It is difficult to understate the value of reading. The mower's owner must read the user guide as well as any supplemental material that came with the machine.

The user guide should include everything you need to better understand the lawn mower: its specifications, limitations, troubleshooting hints, as well as maintenance guidelines which might be specific to the model. You have completed half the job simply by reading the manual.

2. Change the oil

Just like vehicles, lawn mowers need oil changes. Monitor the oil level in your tank from time to time, and assess if the oil has turned dim or if there are any dirt and debris from the tank.

Replace the oil after 50 hours of use, or at least once a month, whichever occurs first. Again, check the guide to determine the type of oil recommended by the manufacturer for your specific model.

3. Clean the deck

After mowing, your lawn mower's deck may become full of cut grass and other debris which may prevent proper mowing operation and damage it in the long run. The debris stuck in the undercarriage may also spread plant diseases through your yard.

After mowing, use a garden hose to spray water on the lawn mower's undercarriage to get rid of any collected grass debris and dirt.

4. Change the filter

Grass and debris may clog the lawn mower's air filter. A blocked air filter may force the motor to work harder and stop its proper operation, and increase fuel consumption. Replace the filter once a year.

5. Keep the blades sharp

Dull blades can't cut grass as well as correctly sharpened one. Cutting dull blades might cause an uneven cut and spread plant ailments. Not only that, it could harm the lawn mower.

Regularly assess the blade sharpness to ensure maximum cutting performance. Many repair shops offer blade sharpening services at little cost. If the blade cannot be sharpened anymore, consult the user manual for details about blade replacement.

6. Change the spark plug

Spark plugs are crucial to making sure your lawn mower operates properly. Like the air filter, it is a significant piece of the lawn mower and is also quite simple and inexpensive to replace.

A broken or damaged spark plug will create a lot of problems, such as a tougher start, higher fuel usage, and also a poorer performance. If the spark plug is burnt out, your lawn mower might not even function. Don't forget to replace the spark plug in annually.


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