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20 Essential Things to Pack in Your Travel Bag

Once you have booked your transportation and room, the next thing to worry about is packing your luggage. A vacation can turn into a nightmare if you have not packed the right things for your trip. To lessen your burden, we have come up with a list of essential things that is a must in every travel bag.

Hygiene Kit

A hygienic kit is the most important thing to pack for any travel. It should include basic toiletries like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and toothbrush. It is very much essential to keep us fresh and energetic. Do pack it in small Ziploc bags to prevent leakage. Don’t forget to pack all your necessities because the place where you travel may not have your favorite brand. This will be definitely frustrating at times!

Photocopy of Documents

Before your trip, make copies of your essential documents like passport, driving license and medical prescriptions (if any). If you don’t want to carry all your documents in the print form use digital versions. You can snap photos of your identity proofs on your mobile (better option is to store in the cloud). Use this as a backup if you cannot find the copies of your document.

Power Bank

Think about this, you are taking adorable selfies in your favorite tourist destination, but all of a sudden your phone battery is dead. It is not a feasible option to buy a new one on your trip. To avoid such situation always carry a portable power bank with you wherever you go. You can charge it will minimal electricity and in less time.

First Aid Kit

The unexpected happens all the time. But, you should be equipped to face any situation. Prior to your trip, plan what you need to pack in your first aid kit. Pack essentials like antiseptic creams, painkillers, band-aids, and cotton. This will come handy for you and your fellow travelers. So, pack whatever medicines require because no one knows when it will be useful.

Eye Mask & Ear Plugs

During your travel, sometimes you have to sleep with your room lights on. Use an eye mask in such situations so that you will have a good sleep without any difficulty. If you are prone to the cold climate, it is advisable to pack earplugs. This will protect your sensitive ears from the harsh climate. Eye mask and ear plugs are must items in my travel bag!

Ziploc bags

Carry plenty of Ziploc packs during your travel. This will come handy in many ways. You can store used shampoo and soaps in a Ziploc bag. You can also use it to pack dirty clothes to keep away the smell. One can keep half-eaten candies and biscuits in a Ziploc bag to keep it fresh. On the whole, there are many untold benefits of Ziploc bags.

Water Bottle

Drinking unhygienic water leads to many diseases. So, carry clean water in a bottle with you whenever possible. This prevents the spread of any diseases through water. Moreover, we will get dehydrated easily while traveling places. Make sure you pack a water bottle in your travel bag.


The one thing about traveling is you will be hungry at all times (Not all, but definitely me!). Pack a trail mix (a mix of nuts, dried fruits, granola & chocolates) or a few cookies packets along with your luggage. If you don’t want to go out for breakfast or dinner, have light snacks. This is the best option for lazy folks like me!


Using the hard and rough towels in the hotel rooms is quite irritating. To avoid this, I pack my own set of towels for any trip. This will make you feel relaxed and not to worry about the age of the towel. My personal suggestion is to use our own towels for personal hygiene reasons.


Wherever you go, don’t forget to pack your umbrella with your luggage. This will come handy in all seasons whether it may be summer or rainy season. It will protect you from scorching sunlight and light showers (rainfall). Make sure you pack a foldable umbrella that occupies less space in your bag. An added advantage is you can pose for some beautiful pictures!


There is no such person who doesn’t want to pack sunglasses. Some people use for looking classy whereas some use it for its actual purpose (i.e) our eyes. Sunglasses are not just for protecting your eyes from sun rays but also to hide your hangover eyes!


The one thing that is a must-have for any baggage is scarves. Not a fluffy one, but soft and large one that is a fit for all seasons. It won’t take much space to pack your scarves in your luggage. It keeps you warm and at the same protects you from dirt. Wherever I travel, scarves will definitely come under the top 10 items on my packing list.

Cosmetics Pouch

I never leave for any trip without my cosmetics bag (I hope every girl can relate to it!). All beauty products like moisturizer, face wash, cream, and comb come under cosmetics pouch. We cannot predict the climate of the place we are visiting but we can take protective measures. Applying sunscreen lotions or creams for our face protects our skin from climatic changes.


Your trip is incomplete without snapping a few selfies. Even though we have advanced mobile to take pictures, we cannot compare it with the image quality of the camera. So, carry your camera with a pack of batteries (or power bank) and click some fantastic pictures. Do include your camera on your packing list.

Travel Document Holder

A travel document holder can hold all your important documents, hotel confirmation, itinerary, ATM cards and cash. It can be even used as a wallet and you don’t need to carry a separate purse. It can be also placed in your handbag inside of your luggage. It saves space in your bag and it is quite handy.


This is purely for all those bookworms like me! I am sure that all book lovers will say yes to this. If you stuck in an airport or feel like doing nothing in your hotel room, you can enjoy reading an interesting novel. For me, books are a must thing to be packed in my luggage.

Pen & Notepad

One never knows when there will be a need for a pen and a notepad to note down something. During travel, we constantly have to write something and keep notes. Let it be writing the directions or list of souvenirs to buy. So pack a pen and a note in your luggage to help you in such situations.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes eliminate the need to use water to wipe your face or hands. It is economical as well as a time-saving option. You need not run behind washrooms to find some clean water to refresh. I always pack a few packets of wet wipes in my hand luggage.

Swiss Knife

The swiss knife is a best friend for every traveler. It has different uses like a cutter, chopper, bottle opener, can opener and much more. It is my personal recommendation to keep one wherever you travel.

Air Pillow

Your entire trip will be uncomfortable if you do not get a good sleep. During travel, we will find uneasy in sleeping in the bus or flight seats. Use an air pillow to sleep peacefully during the entire travel. If the pillow offered by the hotel is hard, you can use the air pillow in such cases also.

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