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Types of Cryptocurrency worth Investing by Dreamz Group

The latest domain evolved in the field of investment is crypto-currency. They are called so because their consensus keeping process is secured by well-built cryptography.

Finding it different from the paper currencies, Crypto-currency cannot be imprinted, they can only be obtained through mining. Taking an example of Bitcoin which is about 21 million Bitcoins have been mined. According to report only about 80 percent of the all the Bitcoins have been mined. These crypto-currencies are emerging as a source of earning money through investment. A source where there is a risk but to be honest all the best investment options available do come with some sort of risk.

Here I am providing the list of crypto-currencies that can prove to be investments with huge returns:

1) Bitcoin:
The first decentralized crypto-currency emerged in the year 2009. It is called decentralized as it is not under control by any of the central bank or single administrative body. The founder is still unknown by face but his name is ruling the world as Satoshi Nakamoto. They can be exchanged in another form of paper currencies, services, goods and products (not in India yet). According to a report published in February 2015, over one lakh (hundred thousand) vendors, merchants and service providers have accepted Bitcoin as an exchange currency. Since its start in January 2009 to March 2010, Bitcoin has worth nothing but soon the popularity grew at a rapid rate reaching to the level of Dollars 266 in the April of 2013. Later this December 2017. The prices are close to Dollars 18,000.

2) Ethereum:
Another open source and block chained crypto project from Ethereum Foundations. Crypto-currency named Ether whose blockchain is created in Ethereum platform. Ethereum was introduced in the year 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, who is a crypto-currency expert, enthusiast and programmer. On December 19, the Ether has created a surge by reaching to them as high as Dollars 850. Ether has outperformed almost all the crypto-currency in a short period of December 2017. The trading record has also set a record by establishing Dollar 3.8 Billion daily trading volume. A well-renowned investor Mike Novogratz has shown his optimism long-term growth trend of Ether crypto-currency. According to his prediction, the price of Ether is going to triple by the end of 2018 reaching up to Dollar 1,500.

3) Ripple (XRP):
Ripple mined on strong mathematical algorithms and acronym as XRP obeys fixed set of rules that can never be distorted. That is what makes Ripple (XRP) secure and reliable crypto-currency for investment. Since it is not centralised by any person or an organization that control XRP, therefore, it cannot be created, threadbare, or copied. XRP payments are based on the peer-to-peer system just as Bitcoin. Founded by ‎‎Chris Larsen‎ and ‎Jed McCaleb is soon going to be the first choice of investors. The cost currently is around Dollar 2 but soon going to take its surge. The Ripple is going to be the first choice for the beginners in the investment of crypto-currency. Wish you good luck with your investment in virtual currency.


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