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Top 7 Things Don't Does in Spiti Valley

Don't go by the distance

A lot of people have a planned trip by looking at the distance. If indeed they see around 500 kilometers, the immediate thought is that they can easily cover it in one day. Time and distance, however, do not necessarily interact in Spiti; because of the nightmarish highways. You will see stretches that will significantly limit your speed down to simply 25 kilometers each hour. For instance, the trip between Chandra Taal to Manali is somewhat over 100 kilometers but can eat your mood. To be on the safer part, plan a complete travel around 150 kilometers for just one day; only that. Keep in mind. There can't be absolutely any speeding at all.

Don't Drink and Drive

Need I describe this anymore? Traveling or driving a vehicle while consuming alcoholic in Spiti will be fatal; there is absolutely no other or simpler way to place it.

Don't Enter Spiti from Manali Side

A perfect way to complete the Spiti circuit is to get started on from Shimla and end the trip at Manali.


Because this way, your gain in altitude is gradual; and there is nearly next to none potential for acute hill sickness. Alternatively, if you started out from Manali, on the first day you will cover 2 kilometers from plains to Manali. On the next day, you should go from 2 kilometers to 4 kilometers at Kaza. In a few days, you brought the body to heights that it is not familiar with; that to all or any of an abrupt. This can make you susceptible to experiencing AMS and spoil your Leh Ladakh trip.

The most sensible thing to do is to first reach Shimla and begin the Leh Ladakh tour packages from Delhi follow that. The instructions from Manali only what your location is severely short promptly and want to go only Spiti Valley.

Don't go to Chandra Taal from Manali

That is related to the idea above and can apply only when you entered Spiti valley from Manali. A lot of people first go to Chandra Taal spend a night there and then continue steadily to Kaza. This I have to advise you never to do. Chandra Taal is a lake in the center of nowhere and reaches a straight higher altitude than Kaza. In the event that you experienced AMS here, then there is certainly nothing that you can do and you will be stuck the complete night. An easier way is to first reach Kaza and cover Chandra Taal while on the way back. In this manner, not only you will be at just a little lesser altitude; but will also have medical attention available if your trouble worsened due to mountain sickness.

Don't be an over-confident fool

Adding that one more point here after viewing this fellow trying some stunts while driving down from Khardung La towards Leh within my last year trip to Leh Ladakh from Delhi. What came up next? Well, there is a stone that he can't avoid and since neither of his feet was on the floor, he took an awful fall. As a matter of known fact, he skipped the cliff by simply a few inches. Just a bit harder fall could have seen him tumbling down the hill like the old Jack.

Although the picture is from my Leh Ladakh trip, same applies for Spiti Valley as well. A whole lot of individuals make an effort to showcase their driving or traveling skills here; make an effort to do some off-roading or enjoy some stunt mania. Please do not get this to blunder. Spiti is a location so that you can soak yourself in the natural splendor around, or click as many pictures as possible. You do not go there to place yourself as well as your friends in danger.

Don't rush through the trip

Some people make an effort to complete the Spiti circuit with just 4 to 5 days at hand. While this is doable, I will recommend against it. In this manner, you will hardly touch the Spiti valley and come back; somewhat than actually enjoying its scenic beauty and go through the culture here. Lack of time necessary for a road visit to Spiti valley is 9 days which is the way you should plan it. Doing the trip in haste would also imply that you were speeding and risking an event or accident someplace on the way.

Don't Litter

In the long run, Spiti will leave you mesmerized and influenced to go to again. It really is a little bit of heaven that I really believe every Indian should be pleased with. Littering in that place and staining its beauty must be by any means avoid. Please value the spot and help the government to keep it clean.

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