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The 3 Unique Italian Cheeses That You Didn’t Know Of Or Use

Ricotta cheese is considered to be the most versatile form of cheese owing to its capability of being used in both sweet and savory Italian cuisines. Italian food in itself is heavenly tempting;the usage of ricotta cheese in a dish multiplies its flavour and essence.If food connoisseurs are on the hunt for quality ricotta cheese, we suggest they experiment cooking and baking with the Galbani ricotta cheese.
Ricotta cheese has been around for quite some ages now. Chefs have known to work with this resourceful cheese since the second millennium BC roughly. However, it often gets difficult to transport ricotta cheese to urban markets and cities with ease as ricotta cheese is highly perishable in nature. Thus, the only people we can imagine savouring this heavenly cheese are the shepherds themselves!
Ricotta cheese is the one among the many other cheesesthat are made from the leftover whey of sheep, cow, goatand water buffalo. The whey leftovers were recooked and the formation of ricotta cheese came into being. The word ricotta in Italian translates to being re-cooked.
Pecorino Cheese
The word Pecorino translates to sheep in Italian and the Pecorino cheese is derived from the milk of a ewe, which is a female sheep. Italians have the subtle trend of naming the product after its main source of procurement or method of production.
The Pecorino cheese is a hard cheese in its form. It is renowned to be served as a dish in Rome along with pears and walnuts, with a greasy liberal drizzle of honey. We’re tempted already for the combination of cheese and honey is getting us drooling.
Mozzarella Di Bufala
The mozzarella cheese is by far the most popular cheese among people who don’t use it that often. We remember the holy good mozzarella only when we’re making an at-home pizza or maybe some other simple dish perhaps. Mozzarella is quite an established dish, it goes into the delectable Caprese salad abundantly, but, it’s not the mozzarella cheese that we’re talking about in this section. However, seekers of a great mozzarella cheese, you know where to go – Galbani mozzarella! They’re makers of some fine cheese today.
We’re talking about the Mozzarella Di Bufala cheese. This cheese comes from Campania, which is a Southern region of Italy. It’s quite resourceful to know that Italians choose tradition over modern manufacturing when it comes to cheese production and manufacturing. They’re quite typical about their cheese coming from its originating place only and no other. Hence, no other place can replicate the cheese patent and thus this makes the Mozzarella Di Bufala cheesecome from Campania!
But how do we differentiate between the regular mozzarella cheese and the Mozzarella Di Bufala cheese? Of course, we love our regular mozzarella, but, the Mozzarella Di Bufala cheesecomes from the Italian water buffalo milk. The Bufala in Mozzarella Di Bufala stands for buffalo in Italian. The water content in thischeese is quite high and it comes with a little sour taste. But fear not, the cheese will melt your heart with its creaminess because it is a super creamy cheese and melts instantly in your mouth.

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