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Best Mobile App Analytics Tools For Your Business Growth In 2018

Mobile App Analytics Tools
Initially a web domain, Analytics tools are now embracing the Mobility solutions as well. Mobile App Analytics is not confined to analyzing the number of users and the revenue generated. It goes beyond this conventional use to carry out a number of functions that are instrumental in getting a bigger picture of the app popularity. Consequently, analytics tools have become a key ingredient to understanding user behaviour and in unveiling the latent potential of a mobile Application.

Since each Mobile application has a different goal and target audience, different Analytics tools are surfacing the market. It is best to employ a range of different analytics tools to understand your app usage, as each tool has something unique to offer. Using different mobile app analytics tools can be helpful in determining the future prospects of the app.

Importance of Mobile App Analytics Tools
Analytics tools prove their importance in a number of ways. To begin with, the user acquisition metrics can assist mobile applications to ascertain the channel through which the user accessed the app- organic search or paid download. Additionally, such tools can help in exploring the demographic as well as digital data of users, including the operating system and version of use. Such information can be leveraged to design app modifications to generate greater revenue through more downloads.

Secondly, analytics tools can be a major contributor to identify user engagement. Users may download applications, but be passive and not active. Accordingly, engagement metrics assure the translation of traffic generated by active users to understand application future. Furthermore, referrals are also an effective way to monitor user engagement.

Finally, there are tools that can be leveraged to identify and augment revenue trends. Revenue generation can be greater by through user retention by tracking user visits and app performance. Additionally, the revenue from each user becomes data for analysis by such analytics tools. Analytics tools that help in recognizing the loading time and network issues are also vital to identifying revenue generation.

Mobile App Analytics Tools

Top Analytics Tools to Boost Your Business
Firebase Analytics
Firebase is an important analytics tool acquired by Google. In addition to providing services to understand user behaviour and judge the success of campaigns, Mobile applications can use Firebase as a developing platform. It allows data visualization in a number of ways through the export of raw data with BigQuery. Additionally, data on conversion rates, audience reach, etc. can be sought to advance a greater number of active users.

Google Mobile App Analytics
Initially providing analytics tools for the web, Google is now a provider of Mobile applications as well. It comes as a full package to comprehend user behaviour and app performance. Google Analytics is instrumental in analyzing user interaction to optimize operations for a better user experience. It is an important analytic tool for gaining insights to prompt business growth and to act a marketing medium to generate greater traffic.

Flurry Analytics
One of the most popular analytics tools for mobile applications, Flurry Analytics plays an important role in measuring audience reach, conversion rates, and revenue trends, among others. In addition to giving a broad picture of user engagement, it gives a deep insight to understand the success of different advertising campaigns for greater conversions and downloads.

Appsee provides an addition to the traditional analytics that most tools provide. It allows qualitative analytics to augment the understanding of user experience. by providing user session recordings and visual data with touch heatmaps, Appsee becomes an effective analytics tool for app optimization. Its USP lies in its ability to explain the reason behind the quantitative analytics.

Premised on the idea of goal conversion, Localytics becomes an important tool for marketing. It provides a deeper understanding of users through interaction. Localytics acts as a platform to bring together analytics and acquisition tools to advance greater conversions. It has its roots in a 3 pronged approach for to improve user engagement- Insights, Smart Targeting, and Marketing Automation.

An open- source, real-time analytics tool and marketing platform, Countly is best to suit the needs of Mobile Applications. It helps to understand app performance from a user’s experience. The highlight of this particular tool is that it helps in viewing whenever the user faces any crashes and allows necessary changes. Tracing the user movement on the application, Countly helps in capturing detailed user information. Finally, it also serves as an effective marketing platform by targeting relevant audience through push notifications.

Providing analytics tools for both web and mobility solutions, Mixpanel seeks to provide a deep insight into user engagement. It allows one to define events for the application and track each event separately with complex queries. It becomes a means to analyze user retention by providing data on user come back and engagement through cohort analysis.

Apple App Analytics
Suited for iOs and tvOS, analytics data provided by Apple App Analytics is unmatched across all other tools. It tracks user activity and number using Apple IDs to ensure precision in data collection. User engagement to marketing campaigns, this singular analytics tool provides all the requisite data. Furthermore, one of its highlights includes the sorting of user retention by weeks to identify the dropping out period.

Amazon Mobile Analytics
Amazon Mobile Analytics gives one an access to monitor app usage, app revenue, the recurrence of users to comprehend user retention. It allows custom data analysis through data export to Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift. Additionally, to increase user engagement, this analytics tool promotes the running of targeted campaigns.

Amplitude becomes a medium to understand user behaviour in a systematic and comprehensive manner. As an analytics tool, it shows one the users of a particular application and their demands from that application. By defining user actions, it allows mobile applications to recognize the characteristics of users that perform the desired actions.


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