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11 Strange Applications To Freak You Out

11 strange applications to freak you out

Sometimes people are too lazy to think of something innovative and problem-solving, and at the end, they are the applications that make little sense, but a second try. The audience is sometimes awkward and ends up downloading and going through the entire application for several years. Now, if developers of iOS or Android apps have had the guts to create an app, then it's definitely in the audience that can be addressed around the world. And trust us, the world is trite, and some countries have billions of people.

Try out Lassunskomische mobile applications:


As the name implies, demotivation already makes the application uncomfortable for the reader, and one may not even want to open the application, but we suspect it is curiosity. This application leads you through the most disgusting images, which are nothing else than, yet, you will feel gross to make your day more objectionable. The people say, when you see good things, you do good all day and the positivity dies.

Recommended: Yes, when the worst in your life has happened.


A totally healthy person simply would not want to try this application, which can help communicate with the ghosts around us, who are invisible, but it is believed that only a few gadgets have the living, such as an electromagnetic field detector with the totes. The Ghost Hunt Tools application has the EVI detector, EMF meter and word analysis to communicate with the ghosts. This application is available on iTunes and the people who use this app have shared their experiences and scared the hell out.

Recommended: No, if not a master adventurer.

The motive behind this application could be the way people today are living, always busy with notifications and updates. This application has only a blank screen, which does not work properly, the name of the application. Developers of mobile apps must have workaholics and gadget addicts in mind during the development of this application.

Well, it's not important for people who are too busy trying out the weird applications, but they do not know that. If you wake up one day and say I don't like what I've done every day, and then you get that application, notwithstanding all that your smartphones have for planning.

Recommended: Yes, if you are after apps and want to relax.

CATS COLOR This application is for all cat lovers in the city who would like to carry on but fuss about the cats they own. Siekönnenauchteilen. Just to make a coincidental conjecture, the app developer could be skeptical of a friend. Well, whatever the reason, this application is as strange as the rest of the applications listed. Do you wanna know someone online with Cat Face Playing? Recommended: No, only for cat lovers. YO Yo-application is the least common application of all, as at least doing something by posting the text to your friends, the "yo" in the social media.
This application was developed by an Israeli app developer. The app has received 3 million downloads and 10 million "yo" have been sent. It is one of the top applications in the iOS store. Recommended: No, move and say hello yourself. MILK THE COW This application is perfect for people living in city life because the city uses the packaged milk in their daily lives, but the story on the land is something else. People in remote areas prefer to farm most dairy products on their own and have no stores with canned products, and even if they do, they would like the freshness of the miniature dairy in their home. What a shame that the people who love to milk the cow are very frustrated that this application exists! Do not surf every day on the Internet, but actually physical activities. Recommended: No, not cool for city kids. BINKY This application is the antisocial application, since you can read all that makes your social app with the feeds, but not with the world, just myself. With all the social networking sites, everything revolves around the feed, the people scrolling and sharing, not commenting anymore, because there's so much on the screen that you may not even remember what's happened to you. Recommended: Yes, social media becomes boring.

SMTH Send me to Heavenist another application, which is a complete Time Pass application. If two children of this generation were left without toys, they would have a more interesting game than this. This application calculates how high your phone is in the air. Although it is well-known that the obvious thing is to make an application, that's all it has. The highest scorer can share his score and challenge to beat him.
This application is a free download, after which you break your phone by putting it in the air, it could cost you a lot. Recommended: No, do something productive with your time. THE BORN LITTLE BUTTON Trust me, guys, this application is exactly the four words in their name. There's a button you'll need to keep tapping on and the angry bird will get more and more angry. The application has two user-interacting objects, nothing else.
The heights of being bored. Recommended: No, also a time pass should be reasonable. CUDDLR Cuddlristeineselt's samsung application, with which one can find people who like to cuddle, but not to give. This can be spun as the secret application for everyone, because sometimes you feel cuddled up and you're not looking for something nasty. Recommended: yes or no, your call. VIRTUAL LSD Nowists knew that LSD is known to produce hallucinations in the brain.
This application is so weird that it comes with a precaution: the optical illusions create natural hallucinations. App developers must sense a degree of nostalgia to have a few minutes of acidic experience as they stare at the patterns and images displayed on the screen. Recommended: Yes, if you are one of them. WRAPPING So, madness everywhere. It's no coincidence that the Android or iOS app developers are not experimenting with their skills, and some of the greatest inventions of all times have been taken very seriously.


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