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5 Activities To Reduce Your Stress Level

It is said that there is no problem in this world without a solution. But it is easier said than done, so when we enter into the labyrinth of problems, stress causes a snowball effect. While a solution is sorted out, it is very important to keep up with the emotional strength and take control of the situation before situation takes control over you. This is the reason people take temporary relief in unhealthy means like alcohol, drugs, gambling etc under stress. Here are some activities which can prove to be healthy stress busters.

Social connect – Social network often helps in getting out of the stressful atmosphere. Spend quality time with your family and friends. Avoid the factors that cause stress. For example, if your stress is office related, avoid hanging out with colleagues or talking on office-related topics. Also, when you interact with people from different spheres, your outlook will be broadened and you may come out with some feasible solution too. Even if the solution takes it time to surface, it is important on your part to come out of your stress zone.

Physical measures – Physical exercises and meditation have a good effect on stress. Both these activities increase blood circulation in the body. The lungs take more oxygen and this oxygenated blood flows to the brain without interruption. This relaxes the tensed nerves and muscles of brain and rest of the body and the heaviness of the head is lifted. You start feeling better. Also, these activities calm your mind and control the cortisol level – the hormone that causes stress.

Spend time with yourself – This is an opportunity to spend some quality “me” time. Amidst the hectic lifestyle and crowd of unknown people, we have completely forgotten the most important person in life that is we ourselves. In this slot, you can do what you want to including reading, singing, writing, cooking or stitching. Anything that will help you unwind yourself. Do this yourself without the prejudice of getting judged or to prove something to someone. This time has to be for you and you exclusively. Sometimes, hanging out with friends can be tiring and spending time with family may not give you peace that your body and soul is looking for. “Me” time can help you in getting this peaceful state of mind.

Gardening – This activity takes you close to nature. The time spent at garden or lawn can help shut the world around you and for this span, you belong to the world of plants and soil alone. The fact that you are creating something and everyday watching your creativity take shape, grow, get strength and finally bloom gives a feeling of peace and contentment. Gardening has a positive effect in lowering the stress level, you don’t need any scientific test for proving it. Once you do gardening you can feel for yourself. You can see the stress just start leaving you and it gets replaced with more peace and contentment.

Fulfilling experience – You can spend time in some NGOs, community services and volunteering for social causes. When you find yourself among people who are in situations worse than you, you start looking at the problems with different perspective. Also, giving makes us resilient and feeling of contentment which is missing in stress. With contentment, stress level goes down.

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