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5 Simple Tips to Boost Productivity this 2018!

2017 has come and gone. I’m sure a lot of things happened, new memories were created, the ups and downs you’ve experienced. But that’s in the past now and we’re here to welcome the new year! What have you done last year? Was 2017 a productive year for you? Were you able to finish everything at work? If not, then worry no more! You can start the year right with these helpful tips to help boost productivity this 2018!
1. Follow the 80/20 rule
The 80/20 rule states that 20% of what you work on every day yields 80% of results. This means that you have to determine the tasks that matter the most and that is what you start working on first. In other words, spend most of your time on the most important work and the rest on other tasks.
2. Avoid distractions
Being distracted while at work is one of the main causes of losing productivity. You have to learn and identify what distracts you the most while you’re working. If you’re someone who always checks your phone, then put your phone away in order to fully focus on the tasks that you’re doing.
3. Plan
Being organized can help boost your productivity. After all, it’s good to plan ahead. You can create a list of tasks and activities you need to accomplish. Afterwards, categorize each task. Which ones are urgent and not? Making a list can help you plan your time in getting each work done, which makes you more productive.
4. Set goals
Setting goals for yourself is a good way to increase your productivity because you’re giving yourself an objective that you want to achieve. You’re creating a challenge for yourself that makes you refuse to quit. And once you’ve reached your goal, you can treat yourself with a reward!
5. Practice
And the most important thing is that you have to practice doing all of these to boost productivity. What’s the point of all of it if you won’t put it into action? Do all of these tips until it becomes a routine for you. After all, your productivity is up to you. As Robin Sharma said, peak productivity’s not about luck, it’s about devotion.

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