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How to Select a Chastity Cage

This guide is supposed to assist you choose a spiked chastity cage that’s ideal for you personally (or your wearer).


The material the cock cage is made of is usually one of the most crucial considerations when choosing one. A chastity device isn't used on/off (frequently). If it is worn day-to-day, it becomes part of your skin layer to you. It has to be comfortable and sturdy during use.

Common Materials and Their Benefits

Plastic/Polycarbonate - Light-weight, comfortable, simple to hide under street clothing, pet play gear that is secure, moderately simple to keep clean.

Metal - Durable, very safe, easy to clean, easy to hide under clothes.

Silicone - Most light-weight and comfy, flexible, simple to hide cloths. It is easy to slip away of or to remove. Could cause minor pores and skin irritation.

Natural leather - this is cheap, lightweight, offers moderate security, not really simple to keep clean when you wear.

Combo - Many devices also have some metal. Some metallic devices have got natural leather pods. Washing, protection, and so on could be impacted by combination.
Security means how simple or hard it is to flee from the spiked chastity cage. Simply no device is usually unavoidable. If the wearer is ready enough, he can remove it. The thing is holder’ level of supervision as well as leverage with the wearer will certainly determine the amount of security required.

Tube Of Device

The tube of the spiked chastity cage (the component the shaft of the cock switches into) is another concern. Tubes may range between solid with only a slit in the bottom for pissing to open ended that leaves the cock uncovered. They may also be bars of cage. The more airy the tube is, the easier it is to clean. So based on how rigid the chastity will certainly be, choose the most airy tube.

Some devices, just like the pod series, encase the whole dick balls and base. These could be open or closed cages. But you need to remember the more open the pet play gear is; the simpler it is to clean.
Time of Use
Time of use refers to the time one will be in the chastity device. If that it’s short-term (a couple of days or less), you may have nothing to worry about at all. If it is likely to be longer term, you will need to take the materials, security, and tube into account.
The lifestyle may also be an identifying factor in the spiked chastity cage you select. If you are extremely active, you certainly need a device that is light-weight and low profile. Plastic material or silicone is most likely best for people who do a great deal aerobic fitness exercise or travel a lot

What Makes It Real
Given that you now do have some idea of the type of dreams of a male chastity, now let’s explore the truth. To start with, every single chastity situation involves giving up sexual control at the very least. So you need to start with a chastity conversation. That's where you talk about his desires and agree about how it is going to work or will not just work at the start. Some individuals go as far as to make a chastity agreement. Establishing a chastity relationship is not difficult. It only needs one to understand the realities of the problem.

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