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3 Reasons - Why Training is Important in an Organization

Training is a method used by all organizations in order to improve the productivity and performance of their employees. All organizations, irrespective of their size provide their employees with some form of training. Training is important for both freshers as well as experienced candidates. Surveys across the world have found that a good number of fresher’s are unsuited for work. They need to be trained to make them ready for the industry. This is a common complaint that affects all organizations. Experienced candidates need training in order to Skillup and Re-skill themselves for an ever dynamic and ever evolving job market.

The benefits of providing proper training employees are as follows

1. Enhanced Performance

Training contributes to the job satisfaction and enhanced productivity of the employees. Well trained employees are able to deliver faster and help the organization to achieve its objectives faster. They are able to satisfy the expectations of their clients faster. The enhancement is in terms of both the quality of the output as well as the quantity.

2. Better promotion prospects

Efficient employees are able to progress faster in their careers. This is because an employee who is well trained will need lesser supervision and as a result will be able to contribute better results.

3. Self Correction

An employee who is well trained will be able to introspect and minimize the errors he/she will perform while doing a task. This will become a drawback to an employee who is not well trained.

Training is usually imparted by the following modes

On the Job: This is the most common and is used for freshers. Here the new recruit to the organization learns while working at the workplace.

Specialized training sessions: Many organizations hire specialized trainers and consultants to impart training to their employees. This of course is done during part of the working hours of the organization

In-house: Here the organization can use the services of its HR team in conjunction with other teams to provide training.

All these methods are used to create well trained employees who will be an invaluable asset to the organization.

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