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6 Crucial points for Web Application Securities defined by Kunsh Technologies

Web Application Development

Web Application Development can transform a static webpage into a dynamic interface between the user and the company. It can deliver customized experiences for users and collect data which can be used to build the business. Web Applications Development are also used by companies to streamline internal business operations; they offer easy accessibility and reduce dependence on on-premise software applications. Besides being user-friendly, a web application should also be easy to maintain, secure and scalable.

Kunsh Technologies, a leading Offshore Software Development Company, can design and deploy web application for your business. Kunsh Technologies comprises various steps of development life cycle into 6 easy steps for Web Application Development including gathering information, planning, design, development, testing & delivery and maintenance. These steps go on to create the perfect software solutions for clients. While each part of the development process life cycle is individually important, the most important and often overlooked steps are the first two: Gathering Information and Planning. They are at the heart of every web project and set the tone for the entire project. They are the steps that specifies what business goals and dreams, and how website helps you to achieve these goals. To accomplish this kind of requirements Kunsh Technologies provides just 6 steps web application development solution to define how much they are reliable and quick towards software development.

Our holistic services can be used to create web applications for business use, social computing, web portals, e-commerce (including shopping carts and payment gateways), and business process automation; besides these, we also offer solutions for any other requirement that your business may require.

Other Web Services provided by Kunsh Technologies are as follows:

• Custom Software Development
• Web Application Development
• Mobile Application Development
• Laravel Development
• Responsive Web Designing
• RPOIndia – Recruitment Process Outsourcing

What Is Web Application Security?

Web application security is the process by which websites and online services are protected against various security threats that exploit vulnerabilities in an application code. Common targets for web application attacks are content management systems (eg WordPress), database management tools (eg PhpMyAdmin) and SaaS applications.

Organizations failing to secure their web applications run the risk of being attacked. Among other consequences, this can result in information theft, damaged client relationships, revoked licenses and legal proceedings. To overcome such difficult situation after web application development, web application security is much needed thing so, Kunsh Technologies here by shared 6 consecutive wins as follows over harmful internet threats.

Determine the Security of New Software

New software can have huge consequences for your organization; it also affects the productivity and efficiency of your team and also affects the security of your organization's critical data. To reduce the risk to your data and your organization to a minimum, it is imperative that you choose software that follows the best security methods, that enables:

• SSL encryption
• Compliance with industry security standards
• Robust password and permissions systems

Check that Software is Up to Date

When software becomes obsolete, it quickly becomes vulnerable to attacks. That is why it is important for all software used by your organization to ensure that the version you use is still regularly updated, supported and patched by the supplier. If you find out that the software version you are using is no longer supported, you must update to the current version and install all relevant security patches as recommended by the vendor.

Inventory of Authorised and Unauthorised Software

The use of unauthorized applications that exist within the broader IT network of an organization is now a growing security problem. It usually manifests itself when employees install their preferred software applications on a device that is connected to an organization's network and use it without notifying the IT department. Vulnerabilities will arise in secure applications that could cause data leaks and create security blind spots - parts of your organization's network that work outside the knowledge of your IT team. Therefore, it is very important that you keep the approved software used by your organization (so that you can update it), and where possible identify unauthorized software used by your employees - the risks associated with shadow IT to minimize.

Deploy Web Application Firewalls

Web application firewalls (WAFs) inspect all traffic that flows to web applications for general attacks, such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and command injection. A study by Positive Technologies in 2014 found that only one of the 40 applications they researched had a web application firewall, despite WAFs being able to detect many of the application vulnerabilities that their study considered the most common. When you deploy a WAF, web applications are protected against common attacks and the sensitive data they contain is protected.

Implement Peer Review

When developing applications, regular code assessments help to identify software vulnerabilities as early as possible during the development process. This is the best way to reduce the damage and costs associated with software vulnerabilities. Many organizations choose to conduct an ongoing peer review process known as pair programming - where two programmers view each other's code regularly as they work. Pair programming is a quick and effective way to check the security of developer code during the development process.

Secure the Software Development Lifecycle

Whilst estimates on the time and cost to fix vulnerabilities vary slightly, all research confirms that the cost to fix software vulnerabilities grows exponentially as you progress through the software development lifecycle (SDLC). The quicker a problem can be detected, the cheaper it is to repair it, so a rigorous test procedure through the SDLC reduces the likelihood of critical vulnerabilities reaching the completed application. Securing the SDLC requires a change in the working methods of your entire development team - and although technically not a quick win, this is the only best way to improve your application security.

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