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Is it Possible to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos?

“A while back, I uploaded a video to YouTube. I deleted the video sometime afterwards, because it hadn't been serving the purpose I originally uploaded it for (a how-to video), but since it offers some... perspective (so to speak) on my old style of uploading I'd enjoy the ability to review it. Is there anyway YouTube can help re-retrieve it? Again, this is a video I voluntarily deleted off of my account (wasn't flagged or anything). Thanks for any support!”

The same question is asked every day- “How do i recover the deleted YouTube videos?” Unfortunately, voluntary video deletions are permanent—YouTube can't help you retrieve it. But there are exceptions to the rule subjecting to certain conditions. I've collected some methods here to get back deleted YouTube Videos in different situations.
1.Recover Deleted Original YouTube Videos from PC Drive
2.Recover Videos from YouTube Channel

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Computer (Emptied Recycle Bin)

On this occasion, it means that you deleted the original YouTube videos saved on computer or other storage devices. It is much easier to restore deleted or lost videos from computer. Just remember that the premise of a successful recovery is that the lost file has not been covered. You could try to scan the computer hard drive, and most of software offers a free trial. Here i take RePicvid as an example to do YouTube Video Recovery. (The steps of restore software are similar)
1.Run RePicvid Free Photo Recovery and choose “Video/DV” option.
2.Select the disk where your deleted YouTube video is. (This software supports internal/external hard drive, SD card, memory card, USB flash drive, digital camera, iPod, etc)
3.Click “Advanced Settings” to pick the video format. (It supports MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, etc) Then by clicking “Scan”, it will search for all files in the disk and list videos files in the selected format.
4.Click deleted videos and preview them, then choose the ones you want and click “Recover”. And select a path to save them.

After that, you can upload the video to YouTube again. But the view count and comments will not be kept.

Recover Videos Deleted from YouTube Channel

If your video was deleted because someone hacked your account, contact customer service and post your problem on help center. Or check if you save the link. Copy your video link and paste it here:

There’s another case if your video is popular enough, it will be found on other video website like Youku or Vimeo. But you can't always rely on these tricks, the best way is to back up and be careful.

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