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Why Entrepreneurs are finding Coworking Space Ideal for them?

The statistics show that globally, startups and self-employment is on a steady rise. This is because of its well-known advantage, like you are own boss, doing the stuff - what you love and having the flexibility of working hours.

It is estimated that in coming 4-5 years, the developed countries will have close to 40% of its workforce, consist of freelancers, on-demand workers, independent contractors and solo entrepreneurs. The developing countries will also see the same trend catching up slowly and steadily.

The rise in self-employed professionals had led to a huge demand for coworking spaces or shared offices, particularly in IT and IT enable industry sector. The tech giants like Instagram and Uber has also started their success journey by working in shared office spaces to billion dollar companies.

What works best?
At nascent stage for any startup company, working from home can be advantageous, but when your business starts growing, you need more networks and business contacts. At this point, owning a traditional private office space can be a bit costly affair and may put on a heavy burden of your finance bill.

Working on a platform which provides all benefits of conventional office space along with affordability, can be achieved through Coworking spaces. Working in such shared spaces has many advantages as compared to home stationed work-spaces, which usually leave you isolated from the market and many times impact your own productivity.

Coworking Spaces - Fits your bill
All hassles related to your private office are reduced drastically, which saves your lot of energy, time, deposits and rent/lease money spent on it. For a startup company or an independent professional, a shared office space provides a complete flexibility of time and space. An entrepreneur also enjoys full flexibility for space to increase or reduce it anytime, depending on the working staff requirement.

All-inclusive office services
Finding a fully furnished private office in any upmarket area can be a costly and time-consuming affair. Coworking spaces instantly provides you with all office like facilities in a bill, which is highly reasonable to imagine. Furniture, internet, cafeteria, parking area, lease service taxes, maintenances, etc. are all included in a single monthly/ hourly/ daily invoice.

Innovation and Collaboration
Coworking office spaces provide a right environment that encourages more productivity, removes unnecessary distractions, keeps you focused, opportunities for more collaborations and positive social interaction – all in a single place. It provides ample opportunities for networking with potential business partners and you can mingle with like-minded professionals to whom you can share your ideas freely.

The secret recipe for any successful business lies in innovation and creativity, which comes only from more interactions, right thinking and sharing of ideas and concepts. Shared office space surely provides an apt playground for innovation, collaboration and creativity to thrive more.

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