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Importance of Preventive Health Check-Ups

In today’s times of high stress and fast paced lives, health is being compromised by most of the individuals. There is no time to spare for our physical and mental well-being; our health is often neglected until it is too late. Our lethargy and unawareness about our health issues can lead to serious problems later on in life.

Need for Preventive Health Check-ups
Several organizations across the world make employee health check-ups compulsory so that their employees remain fit and fine. Good employee health leads to high work efficiency thereby contributing to the company’s overall profitability. Regular health check-ups enable you to know the state of your health and help to detect health problems if they exist or are likely to appear in the near future. Almost all the health check-up packages today include all the necessary blood and urine examinations in their purview. Based on their reports, the physician can diagnose the existence of chronic infections or lifestyle diseases or indicate the possibility of them occurring. This helps to take the necessary preventive or remedial steps at the initial stage. A preventive health check-up enables you to thus lead a long and peaceful life. The frequency of undergoing preventive health check-ups will depend to a large extent on your current health, family history, age, lifestyle factors and many others.

Composition of Preventive Health Check-ups
Health check-up packages can be chosen depending upon the needs of the individual or recommendations of your doctor. Normally, preventive health check-ups cover all the required basic tests. These include physical examination as well as tests that assess the functioning of your body organs such as the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, digestive system and the immune system. Sometimes, they also include cancer detecting tests for men and women. All the tests are being done in controlled environments and guarantee accuracy and exactness of results.

Benefits of Preventive Health Check-Ups
Health check-ups help to develop good patient-doctor relationships and this enables the doctor to educate the patient on healthy habits for good living. However, the greatest advantage obtained from such regular health check-ups is preventing the occurrence of disease. These health check-ups are especially useful for individuals with a family history of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease or cancer. Diabetes has become one of the most commonly occurring diseases in today’s times resulting in early and untimely illness of the patient. Moreover, in case of Type II diabetes, the symptoms are not visible and this leads to an increase in added complications. Hence, it is very important to undergo regular diabetic check-up if you have hypertension, age factor, obesity or poor wound healing risks. Any good diabetologist in your locality say for example the best diabetologist in Goregaon will recommend this advice to prevent the incidence of diabetes.

It has been quoted by learned men that ‘Health is Wealth’ and it is true. If you are not endowed with good health your living will be painful and all your material wealth will be in vain. Preventive health check-ups are one of the best ways of ensuring good health and all individuals need to take the benefit of them.



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