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4 Uses for Submersible Water Pumps

Submersible water pumps, also known as electric submersible pumps, are pumps which are used while submerged in liquids like water. Watertight cables provide power direct into the water pump's motor. The pump motor is encased in a hermetically-sealed casing and is close-coupled into the pump itself. Its distinctive structure means a submersible water pump is an entire complete unit, with all parts and controls included inside one sturdy housing.

Submersible water pumps are cylindrical in form, and can be as small as a regular fire extinguisher or as tall as a baseball bat. Plastic piping is connected to the submersible water pump, and also lowered into the well until it's below the water's surface. Because submersible water pumps have been located at the base of the well instead of the top surface, water can be pumped upwards really deep.

The impeller pushes the water to the surface by converting its energy to kinetic energy, and then into pressure energy. Since the water pump is submerged in liquid, submersible pumps have been untouched by pump cavitation, which happens when there's a sizable difference in elevation between the liquid surface and the water pump.

Folks utilize submersible water pumps to extract water in areas where water may be hard to discover. Such pumps are particularly common in dry regions and mountainous areas where the nearest source of potable water might be hundreds of feet under the surface. Some also use submersible pumps to supply their water needs if they are not attached to the primary water grid.

All submersible water pumps operate according to the same principle outlined previously. But not all submersible water pumps have been made or used in precisely the exact same way - producers have tailored submersible pumps to best serve a specific landscape or use, with varying technical specifications.

If you are interested in finding a submersible water pump, then there are a few details you need to contemplate so you are able to select the correct water pump for your needs and needs. The best way to ascertain the ideal sort of submersible water pump to get you will be to understand your requirements. Knowing your own water pumping demands can go a long way in selecting the correct pump model for you.

Clean water

Many water pumps, not just submersible ones, can only be used for moving clean water. As an example, you may use a submersible water pump to redirect collected rainwater from a tank, barrel or vat and transfer it into another container for permanent storage.

Some individuals have utilized submersible pumps for mimicking natural water movement in pond methods to reduce stagnation and ecological death.

Emergencies such as a burst basement water piping, causing flooding, also merit the use of a submersible water pump. But, clean water submersible pumps cannot transfer water with a large amount of debris or silt.

Greywater and blackwater

Pumping water which has heavy debris or dirt residue requires using dirty submersible pumps. Such submersible pumps have significantly more lasting construction and can resist pumping with a great deal of particulates.

Many men and women use dirty water submersible pumps during floodings and if muddy water has busted a low-elevation location. Individuals also use these kinds of pumps to move sewage or septic water.

While buying a dirty water submersible pump, double-check if the pump is intended to withstand the contaminants you're working with.


For those who live off the grid, or in a place where water is not readily available, a deep well submersible pump is usually their only reliable source of water. In the absence of surface water, most people rely on submersible pumps to extract water from aquifers.

Not all submersible pumps have been designed for performance in extreme depths, but so it is very important to check if or not a pump is made for deep water extraction.


While more decorative than utilitarian in character, a lot of people also utilize submersible pumps for their backyard ponds. The pump is used to simulate flowing flows and natural fountains. Garden submersible pumps are either designed for use in freshwater, freshwater or both, while some are specifically made for outdoor applications.


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