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How to write a good short story?

The story or story writing is the oldest and popular mode of writing. The purpose of the story first was to preach and entertain, today its goal is to express the various problems and sensibilities of human life. This is the reason that the modern-Hindi story from the ancient story has completely changed.

In any story, it is considered necessary to have mainly six elements:

1. Storyline
2. Characters
3. Communication
4. Deshkal or environment
5. Purpose
6. Style
Storyline - The Outline of the Plot.This is a series of events that are deliberately arranged so that their thematic-dramatic and emotional importance can be manifested.

Characterization - The author should have complete knowledge about his character.

Dialogue - Dialogues are the soul of any story. Dialogue should be interesting.

Deshkal or environment - To keep the reader engaged with the story, it is necessary to realize the flow of your story.

Purpose - The purpose of the story should be very clear. He is addressing and what he wants to say.

Style and language - Style means that your story is reaching through the first man, second man or third man.

First Man- Simple simple medium is to say your point.

Second Man- Get the readers interviewed with the character. Let the character speak. Let the reader flow with the drift of events, you are in the role of assistant between the character and the reader, but are not seen.

In the third position the character is not present. In his place, readers are informed about him.

The last and most important step to bring the story to the climax and end it.


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