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Simple Tips How You Can Measure The Cock Cage Easily

Measuring the Main Ring:
The key measurement to get as accurate as it can be is the size of the main ring. (The ring that circles your testicles and penis) An incorrect fit in this case can cause a whole host of problems in the future. If this ring is too huge, the spiked cock cage will slip down, or fall off entirely. If the band is too small, you will suffer discomfort and pain, fluid retention and cutting off the blood supply to your genitals. The best size to use is one that feels snug well enough to avoid any kind of slipping, but loose more than enough that blood can flow and you feel comfortable.
There is a big difference between having “blue balls” (The slang term to describe an ache in your testicles) and actually having blue testicles. When the testicles are turning purple, red or blue, the main ring is too limited for you and you should remove it immediately and try the next size up.
It is very difficult to obtain an accurate measurement to get the key humbler, using a tape measure. Some may suggest tying some string around the genitals and then measuring that, but even this is not ideal. The best method for getting a precise measurement is to pay a visit to a sex shop, or a store and purchase a selection of rings, starting from roughly 2 inches in diameter and reducing in size simply by of an inch. Make sure the rings are created from a solid material (metal or plastic) as stretchy materials offer you a very inaccurate result. You also want to make sure you choose smooth, rounded rings that may cause no irritation during wear. Starting with the largest, work your way down the sizes till you come across one which fits snugly, although causes no discomfort, redness or bumps to your genitals. If you have whittled your way down to a few rings, don each one for some days (including at night), to get a better idea how that spiked cock cage feels in every condition. Some mass produced gadgets, come with multiple main rings of varying sizes, these may help lots of men find a good fit, but is not assured ( you could be between sizes).
Measuring of to the Cage Size:
The space of the cage is certainly somewhat important. Ideally you want a cock cage that is just long enough to allow the tip of your penis to come to rest in the end on the cage. If your stand is far too small, it could make you feel like your penis is being constantly “held back” inside the body for some time, your glans might bulge awkwardly through the end hole, or your male organ may bunch up towards the base. For uncircumcised males, the foreskin may protrude from the end of the device and get pinched. A spiked cock cage that is too long cannot cause any sort of issues, however it could cause urine to get splashed within the device, which builds up moisture and odor.
These are some of the things you need to take care of in terms of cage measurement. Measuring for the cage diameter is less crucial, nonetheless a correct fit here does have some benefits, like increased ease and making less mess in the cock cage when you pee. Some persons recommend a cage that hugs the penis, making contact with the skin all the way around, but not feeling tight.

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