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Rookies Instruction To Measuring for your Chastity Device

When deciding to buy a spiked chastity cage, one of the most common needs (especially among beginners) is certainly that the device is completely secure. Most people search for an inescapable system because it heightens, or corresponds with the wonderland that they are truly at the mercy of their key holder which without her present, they have absolutely no choice but to stay locked up and denied. Fantasy does not quite align with reality though and many people can become disillusioned with the idea of the spiked cock cage, when they realize that they can probably escape.
There is simply no such thing as a cock cage that is fully secure 100 % for men and many mass produced “one-size-fits-all” gadgets will be escapable for a large ratio of men. This makes sense when you think about it more deeply. The male genitalia differ (sometimes dramatically) between one man and another. I am not merely talking about the length of the penis here, and whether he's cut or uncut. On top of this, the penis is extremely flexible and it can be squashed, tightened, stretched and compressed from the smallest of gaps and the tightest of rings. It can even retract into the body. That is how it is designed. Of course, the same applies with the testicles and scrotum, which can also vary in size and shape. The testicles might sit high and tight on some men and hang low on others. For most men, the scrotum will tighten and relax as conditions change. With this kind of differences, it is difficult for the one-size-fits-all cock cage, to comfortably and securely fit every man.
Rather than going dissatisfaction at your ability to just wiggle free from the chastity cage, it is better focusing your attention on what chastity is absolutely about. You can never force someone into chastity (fantasy play aside) and it must be a shared experience than you currently have both agreed to participate in. The spiked cock cage device ought to be a continuing, but pleasant tip of your predicament and your desire to make sure you and obey your key holder. This requires a level of mutual trust and honesty and if you find yourself lying or withholding facts from your key holder (by masturbating privately or not even obeying the rules set out) then perhaps you need to re-evaluate the circumstances of your chastisement with your keyholder and explore whether chastity is certainly good for you.
Instead of focusing on acquiring an inescapable cage, your main priority should be to find a comfortable spiked chastity cage. This is in particular factual if you are concerned in long term chastity. Lots of people believe that they should choose the most basic, well fitting product, in the hopes that they will not be able to escape, but this is counterproductive in long-term chastity. If you have to take away the gadget and leave it off for a long time due to discomfort or pain, then the chastity system can lose its vitality and you could lose interest.
Getting yourself for a relaxed, permanent chastity system is not easy. For most men, it takes a good amount of trials and errors to find the most suitable spiked chastity cage. This is often frustrating and costly, because chastity equipment doesn’t come cheap. There are some tips and tricks to help reduce the chances of purchasing an incorrect fit, but even these are not an exact science and mistakes can be made.

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