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How to Choose Your Male Chastity Gadget

You may be asking why on earth a woman would choose a spiked chastity cage device for her husband. It's just simple. She is smart!
The fact remains that without male chastity, just about all relationships happen to be doomed. Many firmly believe that they would see divorce rates decline dramatically if perhaps all married males submitted to the male chastity lifestyle. The reason is that while women in general have lots of sexual self-control, men do not.
The only time a guy can be fully committed to a woman is when she is sure that she is sexually available to him. That's why men are always intimate and highly sexual at the start of the relationship, but often turned into lazy and get sex less once they are married.
Further than that, once they are comfortable with a relationship, men frequently eliminate their libido by simply masturbating in magic formula. Most do this at least once a day; some as many as four or five times a day. Obviously all that sexual energy ought to be directed to their partner. But, instead it often goes down the shower drain.
Male spiked cock cage is the option because it takes away their particular perception of control. They no longer feel you are constantly sexually open to them. They realize they now have to "win" you if they want the possible opportunity to make love. And, they can no more waste time, energy and their besoins masturbating. In short, the chastity turns these people from small young boys into full-grown guys who take care of their women.
Now, when you decide to embrace the male humbler life-style, you will have to make a choice - do you want to purchase a plastic-type material or steel man chastity device?
On the whole, I think that the steel units are far superior. They truly are unattainable for him to get out, and they make his amazing enslavement look more "real" than a plastic one that he could break out of with a pair of garden shears.
But, then you have to make another choice - would you like a steel man chastity cage, or a metallic male chastity tube? The main difference can be striking, and now there are benefits and drawbacks to both designs of steel man chastity devices.
A steel male spiked cock cage is constructed of great mesh that surrounds his penis and testicles. The advantage to this is that it allows him to wash his jewels in the shower. This is important because when he is locked in a male steel chastity cage, he will be prone to chafing and infection if he does not wash his privates regularly.
The downside is that the hot water making contact may provide him with more intimate stimulation than you happen to be more comfortable with granting him. It gives him an illusion of some sexual freedom.
That is why many couples select a metallic man chastity tube instead. This is a sheaf that includes his overall penile, leaving enough place at the tip for him to sit down and pee.
This way he can't receive any sexual arousal at all. The downside to that is that you will need to have him out of the pipe every few days and rinse him yourself. You can't basically find him and tell him to clean himself in the shower, because quite possibly he will use this time to masturbate - something you should never, ever let!

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