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Discover The History Of South Africa

South Africa has become one of the most developed countries in Africa, Located in the southernmost point of the continent, the country enjoys different merits and natural gifts, making it a popular destination for tourists who want to enjoy their vacation in South Africa.

Although the history of South Africa as a nation is not so old, thousands of years ago residents lived in South Africa speaking the Khoisan languages. The groups that spoke the Pontotals arrived in South Africa around the 1st century AD. Europeans emerged around the beginning of the 15th century on the scene in South Africa and established their fortifications in the regions in the seventeenth century.

In fact, the written history of South Africa goes back only 500 years. That is why historians and researchers, who wanted to know the ancient history of the country, had to listen to the stories of the people and study the fossils. Travelers who tend to enjoy their vacation in South Africa, however, do not explore the country because of the great historical monuments, but because of the beautiful nature and exciting safari trips.

In fact, historians have excavated fossils of creatures that lived in South Africa more than a million years ago. The Khoisan lived in the country for thousands of years and worked in the collection of plants and hunting. They also lived in pretty primitive huts. Over time, their lives developed relatively and they worked as pastors. Due to the increase in the number of inhabitants of these groups, they moved south and stayed there.

In the second century AD, the inhabitants of South Africa began to recognize farming methods. The majority of these groups, who moved from the northeast to the south, spoke the Pontotales. They implanted corn, beans and millet. They also succeeded in producing some simple tools and iron weapons and metals. This is an addition to copper jewelry collections. They started producing pottery and sculptures in the 12th century. Some of these collections have been preserved to this day and have been exhibited in several museums that attract tourists who spend their holidays in South Africa.

A new chapter in the history of South Africa began when Johan Van Riebeeck, one of the most famous Dutch settlers, established Cape Town as one of the most important transit points in the Cape of Good Hope in the seventeenth century. Although the Europeans found no commercial value on the route, they found it an important transit point to provide fresh water, meat and various materials to the ships.

It was in 1652 when the Dutch decided to establish a settlement in Cape Town to help the various ships that sailed through the area. This adds to the French Protestants who settled in the area in the late seventeenth century. Many travelers traveling through South Africa will explore the historic sites established by the settlers who have occupied the country for a considerable time.

Another new chapter in the history of South Africa was when British forces conquered Cape Town in 1795 and completely controlled the area in 1814. For years, wars and serious battles between British troops and African tribes took place before the situation stabilize and more than 10,000 Britons will come to settle in South Africa.

The apartheid system was applied in South Africa for hundreds of years, where white minorities in Europe governed the majority of Africans who originally lived in the country. The last chapter in the history of South Africa was in 1994, when fair elections were held and racial discrimination was abandoned as a concept in the country. This fact had a very positive impact on the country and even increased the number of tourists who traveled to South Africa.

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