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Different Types Of Pyjamas

Pajamas or pyjamas-online-india' target='_blank'>pyjamas, are also commonly known as PJs, jimmies, jimjams, jimmyjams, or jammies. It is a type of clothing which originally came from the Indian subcontinent. This type of loosely fit garment is commonly used when sleeping. This may also be used for lounging, by both males and females. In general, pyjamas are garments that can be used either at daytime or nighttime. It comes in many styles and from various materials.

Pajamas come in several types, and you should definitely distinguish the difference between them to know what suits your preferences and your body. There are those that you can use for loungewear, and others are not advisable to use out of the bathroom.

Pajama Sets

This type of pyjama comes with a top and a bottom half. The top is available in different sizes. It can have the typical sleeves or the long sleeves. On the other hand, the bottom half can either be shorts or a long trouser leg. There are pajama sets that have matching patterns or prints, but there are also those that consist of a plain-colored top and a patterned or printed bottom half. There are also known as traditional sets which generally have a checkered pattern.

Sleep Shirts

Sleepshirts are worn to match either lounge pants or a boxer shorts. Their shirts are commonly just oversized T-shirts. Typically, these shirts are made up of soft, breathable materials. That's why men using these shirts wear them with total comfort.

Boxer Shorts

The most preferred undergarments for men, boxer shorts can also be an ideal undergarment under men's pyjamas. Seeing an elastic waistband with a name or logo of garment's manufacturer will give you a clue that the men you saw wearing it actually has a boxer shorts underneath. Men prefer these shorts for a reason. It provides them a high level of comfort because it's loosely fit. It is designed with a front closure in the form of an open fly. It only comes in different sizes, colors, and patterns. It can also be made up of silk or satin, and/or cotton or merino wool.

Footed Pyjamas

Footed pyjamas are common as a children's wear, but it also comes in adult men's sizes. This kind of pyjama is a one-piece clothing that covers the whole body up to the feet. It is designed to be worn in colder places. It can have a material of polyester fleece of terry cloth and have a zip or snap fastening that runs from the foot to the neck. Typically, a vinyl fabric covers the bottom of the footed sections so that men wearing it will prevent themselves from slipping as they walk.

Basketball Shorts

Basketball shorts are designed to be looser in styles and fit than boxer shorts. This can be worn during daytime and nighttime. It is made up from a polyester mesh fabric that provided increased airflow throughout the fabric. Men wearing this type of pyjamas can move more freely and cover much of the upper thigh area. Just like boxer shorts, basketball shorts have an elastic waistband and can have pockets.

Lounge Pants

These lounge pants are bought as pyjama separates. These are for men who sleep topless but prefer to have their legs covered. It can usually be found in flannel and cotton fabrics and are generally comfortable. Usually, lounge pants have a drawstring.

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